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  • Tod Hopkins

    November 1, 2023 at 2:00 pm in reply to: Unrealistic performance issues because of audio

    A couple of things, not necessarily related, but to consider, adn YMMV. Moving projects can cause corruption. No two systems are truly identical. This would also explain why copying the contents of the old project to a newly created project on the new system would solve the problem.

    This is an often-overlooked troubleshooting step, and it’s easy. Create a new project and copy only the sequence. If it works, the old project is the problem. For extra credit, create a new project AND a new sequence, and copy and paste only the contents of the original sequence. This leaves behind even more, like your track-level effects, but most of these are easy to restore. This solves way more problems than it should, especially if the old project is complicated. And it’s one of the easiest things to try. I believe it’s why Adobe created Productions.

    In fact, you could bring the old project into Productions, create a new project, and copy only the latest sequence. Productions will retain all the clip-linking to the original project but allow you to close that old project while you are working.

    Do not dismiss “hardware.” This is Windows where “hardware” actually means software, i.e. drivers and supporting files and no two Windows systems are truly identical. Compare your project audio and playback settings and the audio drivers between your systems. Not that this helps you solve the proximate problem.

    Also audio can be more of a problem than people realize, especially if the original audio is multi-track and/or not PCM (uncompressed) and/or anything different than your sequence settings, and even worse if you are using multicam. If you have empty audio tracks in your source material, I recommend disabling them at the clip level. Historically, multitrack originals can cause playback issues even if they are not cut into your sequence. I have had projects where I had to transcode my clips just to leave behind the old audio. And you don’t notice the problem immediately, only as the project gets complicated. It tends to be an invisible problem.

    Proxies. In my experience, proxies make everything more buggy, not less. When they work, great. When they go bad, ouch. I just had to delete all my proxies in a Project to get it working again. It was easy to diagnose because playback with proxies went to hell, but turning them off was all fine. Turns out, the proxies weren’t helpful. I just ramped back the playback quality. It even looked better.

    In general, Premiere has become buggy at the Project level. I’ve had a lot more problems with Projects than with the go-to troubleshooting like cache files.

  • Tod Hopkins

    August 20, 2023 at 4:40 pm in reply to: RGB Component Video Digitizing from Betacam-SP deck

    Yes, most professional digitizing apps, including software available from Blackmagic for free, will see the Intensity as an input device. Blackmagic has instructions for the major NLE’s online.

  • Tod Hopkins

    August 18, 2023 at 2:13 pm in reply to: RGB Component Video Digitizing from Betacam-SP deck

    The proper technical term would be “component” or “YUV” input. Technically RGB is different though your confusion is common. If you can put your hands on a Blackmagic “Intensity” unit, this is probably your most cost-effective option. There are cheaper units for component to HDMI but these are not “professional” quality devices. They may be fine for your purposes. The Intensity is no longer listed on Blackmagics website, but you can still find them. There is an internal PCIe card version if you have an open slot. I believe there are also USB and Thunderbolt external versions.

  • Tod Hopkins

    June 12, 2023 at 1:38 am in reply to: Replace PNG with another PNG

    It’s called a “replace” edit and works the same for a PNG as video. The easiest way is to Option-drag and drop onto the clip you want to replace. This will replace the content while keeping all edit points, effects, etc. If the new PNG is a different resolution, then motion effects will need to be adjusted.

  • Brightsign makes the exhibit industry leading standalone media players. Maybe overkill but powerful. Many variations depending on what you need. There’s an inexpensive line called Micca Speck on Amazon that may be sufficient. These are basic but very effective for simple playback. Most models prefer to play from micro sd but many can actually play from usb if you prefer.

  • Tod Hopkins

    May 24, 2023 at 2:03 pm in reply to: Capture BetaSP with Timecode

    If you have machine control you should be getting timecode. Timecode in this setup traditionally comes via the serial control connection, though it can come via the other paths mentioned. If you are not getting timecode, you probably need to adjust the output settings at the deck or in software. The deck does have TC output controls and may be set to VITC or control track output.

    Also, don’t assume the SDI output is better than the component. If your tape is BCSP (analog), component output may look better, depending on your setup.

  • Tod Hopkins

    April 24, 2023 at 1:30 pm in reply to: Favorite websites for video draft feedback?

    Honestly, I did not know that Vimeo could be frame accurate, so no. I see that Shift-arrow moves one frame at a time but the resulting notes do not include frames. I’m at the “Pro” tier, $240/year. Vimeo works for me because my reviewers are not professionals, but clients, and they are generally not even second-accurate! If I was reviewing in-house with a large team of professionals, Vimeo might not be adequate, but in the past my attempts to integrate “professional” sharing services just caused a massive increase in wasted support time and frustration from everyone. Producers are worse than clients.

    Plus, the Review function is a bonus feature. I generally send reviews by link and don’t bother with the review page unless I sense the client would prefer online notes or there are multiple reviewers. Vimeo is powerful, easy to use, and solid as a rock for embedding, sharing, and organizing. I’m not sure I
    could do without Vimeo. Any needs it does not satisfy would
    require adding a service, and not replace Vimeo.

    As for cost, Vimeo’s plans and rates are changing rapidly, and I may be grandfathered into some features. I have not compared newer options in a few years (You are inspiring me to investigate). Flipside, Vimeo keeps increasing its feature set and services while maintaining it’s ease-of-use. They do not rest on their laurels.

  • Tod Hopkins

    April 22, 2023 at 12:34 pm in reply to: Favorite websites for video draft feedback?

    Vimeo for the previously cited reason. Vimeo has proven to be the easiest tool for clients to understand and use. In fact it’s proven more effective than sending review files so I use it almost exclusively even if the client never uses the review tools, and they generally don’t. Like PDFs, I can control what the client sees so it’s very easy to troubleshoot their experience.

  • Tod Hopkins

    March 29, 2023 at 5:46 pm in reply to: Rookie mistake

    It is pretty amazing. I first tested it on a poorly recorded track I’d already worked on for about two hours, including denoise filters. I gave it the original and the result was exactly as advertised, like a clean, studio recording. It does have limits. I gave it a degraded archival recording a few days ago and the result was horrific. Far worse than the original.

  • Tod Hopkins

    March 29, 2023 at 2:02 pm in reply to: Rookie mistake

    Try Adobe’s new “Enhance Speech” tool.

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