The History of Creative COW

Creative COW 20 Years of service

Creative COW Beginnings

The history of Creative COW is filled with many notable accomplishments during the last nearly 20 years. Creative COW opened to great fanfare on April 11, 2001, and soon it was being visited by over a quarter-million unique people a month. In less than a year, we were responsible for signing nearly every expo partner to the New York DV Show’s expo floor just four months after the horror of 911. When we signed on, no one had yet signed up. We called every company we worked with and convinced them to join us in New York in late January, 2002. “We can’t let the terrorists succeed through fear.” And they didn’t. The show opened with many COW leaders teaching and with nearly 50 companies showing on the expo floor.

2003 and Beyond…

The next year, in February of 2003, we made history by becoming the first industry website to put on its own show — Creative COW West — at the Westin Hotel & Conference Center in the Los Angeles International Airport Complex. The show brought in nearly 2,000 attendees for a first year show — the first event to focus on the then-emerging field of HD video. The expo floor was filled with most of the leading companies of the day: Adobe, Pinnacle Systems, AJA Video Systems, Matrox, Ulead, Sony and many others. In 2006, into a glutted market in which 17 magazines competed in this industry, we launched Creative COW Magazine in print at a time when most print magazines were getting out of print. Creative COW Magazine became a great success and grew to become the highest circulation publication in the industry according to VOCUS surveys, earning its publisher the recognition of being named to the prestigious 2011 Folio 40‘s list of visionary publishers leading the magazine industry into the future. Over the last 19 years, Creative COW’s history has included serving hundreds of millions of pages to millions of media professionals around the world. We could go on and on but we would rather show you what we have planned for the future. We hope you will join us for the ride. We think it’s going to be a great one.

Who Are We

We are a network of interrelated forum and other communities serving media professionals in post production, editorial, design, and business services.

Our Mission

Since its founding in April of 2001, the COW site has been dedicated to serving media professionals, such as editors, compositors, graphics, etc.

What We Do

Our services include support forums, free and premium training, podcasts, news, jobs, services offered, reels, blogs, and other support services.

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Why Creative COW?

We wanted a name that was fun

In 1995, we began building an earlier site dedicated to media professionals and while we loved the community there, its name left a lot to be desired. So when we set out to build our new site in 2001, we wanted a fun name, so Creative COW it was.

Our founders loved cows

Who doesn’t love cows? But our founders *really* loved cows. They had grown up with them, one grew up on a dairy with real ones and the other grew up collecting stuffed ones, ceramic ones, cow blankets and many other collectibles — so it just made sense. When they met, it was with the blessing of the bovines.

Does it stand for anything?

Yes, but only *after* they came up with the name. Once they began using the name, they realized it could stand for Communities of the World and so it did. An acronym after the fact. True story. About the W in cow, they like to say, “The ‘W’ stands for ‘world’ and we mean it.” Today, over 60% of our huge traffic is international.

Does the logo have a name?

Yes, the United States Patent & Trademark Office shows that the official federally registered trademark of Creative COW LLC is known as the “Bessie” mark. And so she is, our beloved Bessie, who has been one of the most recognized trademarks in the world of media professionals. In 2019, we reworked the Bessie logo to include the world globe to symbolize our long standing commitment to the Communities of the World.


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