Earn coins and badges for all of your hard work in Creative COW!

Coins are earned for almost everything that you do here, and Creative COW’s top 10 forums have coins of their own. Top coin earners receive a badge for their contributions to each of the top 10 COW forums.

COW Coins

COW Coins are your reward for all basic activities in Creative COW. They are awarded at the same time as individual forum coins for the following activities:

  • Logging into Creative COW once per day: +1
  • Achieving an un-moderated status when your first post is approved: +10
  • Creating a forum topic: +1
  • Receiving a reply to a topic that you have created in a forum: +1
  • Replying to another user’s forum topic: +1
  • Changing your profile avatar image (awardable once per year): +10
  • Changing your profile’s cover image: +5
  • Getting a friendship request accepted: +1
  • Gaining a follower: +1
  • Earning a Solve Coin also awards the recipient with: +10

Forum Coins

Every time you create a thread in one of Creative COW’s top forums, you earn 1 forum coin.

Every reply to a thread in Creative COW top forum earns 2 forum coins.

Solve Coins

When a user solves an issue for another user, or has the correct specific answer that the original poster is looking for, often the OP will happily thank that knowledgeable user. When COW mods see this happen, they will award the problem-solving COW with a Solve Coin.

If you have had a fellow COW solve your issue with an astute answer, please let everyone know in that particular thread so that the Solve Coin can be given to the deserving party!


Each week, Creative COW tallies up which users were present the most in each of the top 10 COW forums, and these users with their badges will be displayed in the COW’s sidebar on the main feed page.

Losing Coins

If you request that a forum post or reply be deleted, that is no problem, but you will lose the forum coins and COW coins that you earned for each of those deleted entries.

If you have accidentally created two forum threads that ask the same question twice, you may initially see coins appear in the totals on your profile for both forum threads. However, when one of the duplicate questions is eliminated, you will eventually lose any coins that were unintentionally awarded.

Additionally, if you lose a friend or a follower, these COW coins will disappear as well.

COW Trophy Rooms

COWs who have earned any badges in the top forums will keep a historical record of those badge earnings right on their profiles under the Leader Badges tab.


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