Submitting Press Releases To Creative COW

Submitting Press Releases to Creative COW

Press releases can help your company’s news reach the vast Creative COW audience. Following our rules increases your chances that your news will be quickly reviewed and generates the greatest possibility of getting your news posted in our site — and maybe even promoted in one of our newsletters. Still, as a small team we cannot and do not guarantee inclusion of your press.

Please read and understand our press submission policies to avoid misunderstandings and frustration, as follows:

DO send your whole press piece, complete with images that include a horizontal 1920×1080 hero image, all at once. It takes extra steps and time to ask for the rest of your material, and we almost always move on to press that is already complete. We receive far more press than we can ever publish, so sending your complete press is critical.

Unless you are under embargo, please do not contact us to ask us if we would consider publishing your press without sending any material and images. We have no way of knowing if we can publish your press until we see it, and the back-and-forth eats up valuable time. Sending the press, front and center, as outlined above, highly increases the chances that we can publish what is sent to us.

Please use the address to queue your news for faster review and possible inclusion.

Creative COW appreciates your time!

If you have questions or if you need clarification regarding your own press-releases, please contact us. We are also willing to help you understand how best to write or structure your press releases to maximize your chance of getting exposure in our news department. Just contact us using the button below or write us at

We look forward to working with you,

The Creative COW Press Team

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