Control Notification Emails from Creative COW

Take control over the emails that you receive from Creative COW in the Notification Settings on your COW profile!

In the drop-down menu under your username in the top right corner, hover over Account to see the submenu. Choose the Settings option.

In the Notification Settings, the Preferences tab holds all of the basic notifications that Creative COW might send you. These options are automatically highlighted in orange as active:

  • A member mentions your username
  • Your password is changed
  • A member replies to your post or comment
  • A member you are following creates a new post
  • A member starts following you
  • A new discussion has been created in forum that you are subscribed to
  • A new comment is published to a discussion that you are subscribed to
  • You receive a new connection request
  • Your connection request is accepted

If you prefer not to be notified of one of these items, simply un-check the box.

Next, on the Subscriptions tab, you can easily see every forum and discussion that you have subscribed to. These are subscriptions that you have chosen in the past, but if you are no longer interested in receiving emails for them, click the “x” next to the unwanted forum or discussion. On mobile, toggle Email on or off.

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