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Watching movies and television and reading

Areas of Expertise

Exhibition multimedia technologies, post-production, documentary/educational programs, museums and other mission driven organizations.

Favorite Books

I Contain Multitudes (Ed Yong), Clara and the Sun, Lord of the Rings, A Brief History of Time, A Brief History of Almost Everything (Bill Bryson), The Girl with All the Gifts, The Broken Earth trilogy

Favorite Bands / Musician

Declan McKenna, Alt-J, Marilyn Horne, Hans Zimmer, Twenty One Pilots, Dodie, Nickel Creek et al, Led Zeppelin, Bach, Mozart

Favorite Movies

Lord of the Rings, Lawrence of Arabia, Mary Poppins, The Dark Knight, Blazing Saddles, Raising Arizona

Favorite TV Shows

The Expanse, Please Like Me, The Witcher, Parks and Rec

Technical Information

System Details

Primary system is Mac Studio running Adobe Suite, and much other software. Many other systems laying around collecting dust.


iPhone 13Pro (yes, I’m serious)

Home Theater

The cobbler’s son has no shoes. Okay, I do have the ability to enjoy most forms of media at home, but nothing to brag about.

Home Studio Musical Gear

Not a musician. I wish that I were.

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