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  • Sebastian Fudali

    January 17, 2024 at 6:00 pm in reply to: Vegas 17 confised when printing to tape.

    The specs will have to wait, as the laptop died independently.

    The problem occurs at random, sometimes on first try, sometimes after printing successfully to several tapes.

    I have already upgraded from 15 to 17.

    The new GUI in newer versions is different and the project settings no longer include older resolutions, especially DV.

  • 1. Keep the fps and resolution as native.

    2. For optimal results use ProRes, 4:2:2, or 4:4:4 for best performance.

    3. 10 MBps is basically youtibe quality, you will want at least 30 for mp4.

  • Well, Panasonic AG-HPX250p does not appear to be a DV/HDV camcorder, thus it won’t work with FireWire like that. Your Canon VIXIA HV40was working fine, ebcause it’s HDV.

  • Sebastian Fudali

    March 16, 2022 at 8:16 pm in reply to: Archiving video from PC to VHS using Firewire.

    Sounds like a lot of gear. I had limietd budget and options, so I adapted the bare minimum I already had.

    There could be some professional studio editing VCRs that can accept composite, but I’m afraid nothing better than that.
    That being said, this is more or less (sans youtube compression) how my D-VHS machine records and plays back VHS from digital source:
    By mistake the raw DV transfer file ended up on youtube which downized it to 480 from source 576, I had the youtube master prepared upscaled to 1080, but it ended up not used.

    Also I am interested in whatever models you were able to find around ~100$.

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  • Sebastian Fudali

    March 16, 2022 at 7:39 am in reply to: Archiving video from PC to VHS using Firewire.

    In terms of post editing and colour correction probably yes, but it won’t do S-Video tapes.

    What is your setup for recording from computer?
    Keep in mind that for duplication they were using either 1″, C-type, or later digital formats like D-1 to D-3, only at the dusk of VHS era they used DVCAM and the like.

    The results my workflow produces are crystal clear. It might be, that your combo unit is simply not that good in recording.

  • Sebastian Fudali

    March 15, 2022 at 8:56 pm in reply to: Archiving video from PC to VHS using Firewire.

    At this moment, I render the master DV file and output it via FireWire from PC, through D8 camcorder’s analog outs to my D-VHS. The caveat is I have PAL machine and PAL DV is 4:2:0, which is enough colour quality, Not the Smartest Choice is 4:1:1 and this is less tham optimal, hence many people denouncing that method, I have spoke about it with a known professional and he says there’s nothing wrong with PAL DV route. Also, your NTSC D-VHS machien has both FW in and out and the output will be in MPEG-2, so you can use it directly for ripping. My PAL deck, one of 3 PAL models ever made only supports DV input, like all 3 models. No digital output on them. So here’s where my trusty D8 camcorder comes in as A/D converter.

    Also, I know this duplicator, I’m saving cash for one, but it doesn’t have SDI input, it has propriatary Y/C connector for analog video input. Unless you know a specific model with SDI.
    as for that BD/VHS combo model, there are demos on youtube, the image quality is below archiving quality, it’s passable to watch, but I wouldn’t transfer it. Plus, composite and S-video are perfectly capable of transmitting resolution far greater than that of (S-)VHS, so there’s nothing wrong there. Unless that LaserDisc RF ripping method was finally successfully adapted for VHS.

  • My VCR has FireWire input.
    As for external boxes, i planned to get a Hyperdeck andTeramex mini from Blackmagic, however it turned out I need to record stuff soon and not when I have the cash for more equipment.

  • You seem to missed my point. I have D-VHS deck, I want to record a VHS tape in it with my video, for the heck of it. Not a D-VHS tape, not a VHS tape in D-VHS mode. VHS in VHS mode, so that it can be played in any VHS deck. Which I have written at the beginning. The only detail that it matters that it’s a D-VHS VCR is that it has a FireWire input.

    Of course nothing has FireWire 400, this is why I had to aquire a Thunderbolt to FireWire 900 adaptor and then a Firewire 900 to FireWire 400 so that I can still earn by transfering DV and miniDV tapes to files.

    The DV deck I have is DSR-2000AP, but it is irrelevant, because the DV-AVI files on on the PC and some of them were even recorded in Digital8 tapes.

    It has nothing to with long term back-up storage.

    And there obviously are companies that offer transfering video files to various types of tapes, including VHS, but why should use their services, if I have a VCR?

    If there is no simple software solution, I have already tried copying DV-AVI back to DV tapes, Scenalyzer seems not to work properly in that regard, even though it should, I will give my PS3 a try, it has analog output.

  • I’ll ignore the first question.
    No to the second one, I have just scored boxes of NOS BASF tapes when they were acidentlly found in the warehouse of my local blank media supplier.
    Yes, I have a D-VHS deck, really, it was painfully difficult to find, but I managed to get one.
    Yes, I want to copy mi miniDV and D8 live concert recordings I have transffered to PC years ago to the VHS tape, simply because I want to. Just like people record cassette tapes, because they want to.
    Now, do you know of a workflow that can utilize DV-AVI and output it over Firewire to D-VHS deck, or should I invest a couple of quid in a Blackmagic Hyperdeck and Teranex?

  • Is even a little help with this issue possible?

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