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  • set your preview format to something with adequate quality for review and then use the previews for your export, an option in the export dialog under “general.” This way with just a few changes, you can quickly re-render and export very quickly.

    This might help you

  • Michael Grenadier

    May 10, 2023 at 1:07 pm in reply to: Advice on too dark footage

    I’ve had some great results with the Neat plug-in but sometimes you need to dig deep into the interface to get the best results. You might see if there’s someone here who’d be willing to do a short clip and then find out what would be involved in having them actually work with the footage…

    Had a similar situation where I was promised a full run thru of the event to figure out camera positing and settings and… it didn’t happen…

  • Michael Grenadier

    May 10, 2023 at 2:50 am in reply to: Favorite websites for video draft feedback?

    sorry Neil, don’t have the time to dig in to this right now. but I’m not really interested in my clients tagging comments to an online video… Just looking for a way to post videos with high quality/dependable playback for client review without any additional expense. For the most part I output with a timecode burn in and let me clients make notes referencing the timecode… And given the nature of most of my work, there’s usually only a single client who’s reviewing… Since I’m already paying for dropbox, I may just send them a dropbox link and tell them to download before reviewing as I’ve never found dropbox that dependable for playing videos in a browser… which is why I had high hopes for dropbox replay.

  • Michael Grenadier

    May 5, 2023 at 12:36 pm in reply to: Favorite websites for video draft feedback?

    Thanks for posing the question and to those who’ve answered.

    I’ve had serious issues with vimeo over the years… When they started sending me warnings that my payment had been declined and I should pay manually 2 months running and then discovered that I’d paid twice, I cancelled after needing to insist on a refund rather than an extension of my subscription. Over the years, they arbitrarily change the interface in a non-intuitive way (at least to me) on a regular basis. For example, at one time, I was able to directly upload to a folder but suddenly that disappeared til I sent them a message. turned out there were 2 buttons to upload a video, one to the active folder and one to the root level without any feedback as to the change in the behavior that I saw or any helpful feedback… And when the pandemic hit, I was hired to manage some online events which were disasters… They were very anxious to help until my clients had subscribed to a more expensive tier and then support became much less helpful. and setup a number of video on demand pages for clients and that was not simple or intuitive.

    I’ve been using dropbox for years for number of years but it was not ideal for onilne client review, particularly if it was a feature length clip. I’ve been using dropbox replay for quite a while in beta, but there was no indication that this would be an additional cost. As they implement the charge, I will be searching for another solution. Frankly, I’m not that interested in tagging comments to specific timecodes. When I output for client review, I usually generate a timecode transcript in premiere, and burn in timecode so the client can quickly make notes in the transcript…

  • Michael Grenadier

    March 3, 2023 at 1:02 pm in reply to: Timecodes not synching up

    gotta say that manually synching although not a lot of fun is doable and will not take as much time as you anticipate. Might be worthwhile hiring someone with this kind of experience to see what’s involved… I’m in NYC if your director is in NYC, I might be able to meet with him to show him what’s involved. Although if Mads can help you, go for it but sometimes being able to do something in person is preferable. In the future, if you’re working with a new workflow, always a good idea to test how things work… ask the dp for a sample clip with separately recorded audio. And the arrogance of some people telling you what “professionals” do can be mindblowing. Happened to me on a job 5 or 6 years ago where the interviews were shot with a dslr which limited the length of an individual take (not “professional”) and so there were many, many video takes to be synched with a few very long audio takes. I asked for slates and claps and was told that was not “professional.”

  • Michael Grenadier

    December 14, 2022 at 3:16 pm in reply to: Need Mac External Drive Recommendations

    working on a very large doc project. The client has had unfortunate experiences with a OWC raid… and I’ve found OWC support lacking in the past… And had a nightmare situation with G-Tech 15 years ago which I will never forget… I asked multiple contacts in the doc community and there was a consensus recommending a hardware raid… and the client bought a promise pegasus with if I remember correctly with 8 bays and about a 65 terabyte capacity. Set up as a raid 5, there’s redundancy so if a drive is failing you can swap it out and the full raid will be rebuilt in the background.. This may be overkill for your project but they have smaller capacities with fewer bays…

  • Michael Grenadier

    December 2, 2022 at 12:40 pm in reply to: Audio glitch after rendering

    are you using any compressed audio in your sequence like mp3s or h264? If so, try transcoding to an uncompressed format like aiff or wav with a minimum spec of 48k 16 bit and make sure all audio specs match. although most modern nle’s usually can deal with compressed and mismatched sample rates and bit depths, they can intermittently cause problems so that’s usually first place to investigate. Also, are you using any audio processing hardware? And are the clicks occurring on audio edits? If so, try applying a 2 frame audio dissolve on the audio edit…

  • Michael Grenadier

    November 25, 2022 at 1:26 pm in reply to: Digitize box for DV into premiere

    or just edit natively in DV which should work fine in Premiere. You can get a firewire to thunderbolt adapter and a thunderbolt to thunderbolt 3 adapter from apple. I got this to work about a year ago going in to a 2017 macbook pro capturing both hdv and dv natively . Post back if you want the specific adapters. It may be possible to use quicktime to capture natively on your old mac… Ann’s probably got the answer to that…

  • all depends how crazy you want to get trying to figure out what’s going on. Here are a few ideas that might or might not be worth trying. You might want to try creating a new windows user with administrative privileges, and see if that makes any difference as it could be something screwy caused by the way another app is setup… A clean install of windows and resolve might fix things… and there’s a possibility that there’s something wonky in the new board…

  • often, the limitations of recording from a laptop are the result of recording via zoom. Although I haven’t used it, someone did share a link with me for an app that allows you to record locally while your zooming. Might be worth a test. This would allow you to “direct” remotely….

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