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Timing 2023.5: Say Hello to the Vertical Timeline

Timing. Stop worrying about time and focus on doing your best work instead.

Timing is excited to unveil the 2023.5 update, which introduces a vertical variant of the timeline. If you’re curious about the benefits, here’s what to expect:

  • All-new design: More compact and easier to read.
  • Richer details: Enhanced view of calendar events and phone calls.
  • Highlights: Quickly understand the primary activity in each time block.
  • Auto-zoom: Focuses on your working hours, but with full flexibility to view your entire day.
  • Space efficiency: A smarter use of your screen real estate.
  • Flexibility: Easily switch back to the horizontal timeline whenever you want.

Additionally, the update brings:

  • Added a mechanism for the Timing Tracker app to relaunch automatically in case of a crash. This should help avoid rare but sometimes unavoidable situations where the tracker app would stop tracking without you noticing. While we strive to avoid crashes as much as possible, there are occasions where a crash can not be prevented (e.g. when it occurs in operating-system code). In those cases, the tracker app will now automatically relaunch itself, so you can continue tracking without interruption.
  • When you collapse or expand projects on the “Stats” screen, the pie chart next to the project list would automatically update to reflect the non-collapsed projects. Now, the “Time per project, per day” chart in the top right of that screen will also update accordingly.
  • When clicking and dragging on the timeline, keeping the Shift key pressed will now snap the selection to time entries only, without snapping to app usage.
  • Timing now better records the title of notes in the Notes app that e.g. have been opened in a separate window.

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