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  • Nick Hope

    May 4, 2023 at 3:30 pm in reply to: VEGAS Pro 20 build 403 – Urgent Update
  • Nick Hope

    November 9, 2017 at 3:51 am in reply to: Can’t get Vegas 15 to see external monitor

    Install .NET Framework 4.6.2. It’s required by Vegas Pro 14/15 for a couple of things including that.

  • Nick Hope

    September 3, 2017 at 2:01 pm in reply to: Media Manager and Vegas Pro 13 Updates

    Does anyone know if Media Manager has been fixed to work in Win 10 in any of the latest Vegas Pro versions?

    No it still remains abandoned at 2.4b and basically I’ve been told that it won’t be fixed.

    Where can I go to find the updates for Vegas Pro 13?–104782/

    I would also hope to find what the bug fixes were.

    The bug fixes have not been published. We have a user-generated changelog at–104998/

    Did they ever reinstate the archive capability in Vegas Pro 13 after one of their updates supposedly crashed it?

    Yes, but I don’t think it was until Vegas Pro 14 build 244. It was listed in the changelog for that build.

  • Nick Hope

    April 16, 2017 at 3:47 am in reply to: Do Magix care?

    @Stephen Crye – I am maintaining a list of links to the standalone installers in section 2b of this. The latest update is

  • [Grazie] Will this, above your/our recent experiences with Bugs on the latest Build, make you believe that these improved Colour Curve “feature-set” will happen, anytime soon?

    No, not at all, but we can hope and pray.

  • Other NLEs and color grading programs have a master RGB curve that can be adjusted separately from the red, green and blue curves within the same instance. Premiere Pro, Colorista, DaVinci Resolve, and even Sony Catalyst all have this. This is one of my biggest wishes for Vegas.

    Here’s my wishlist for Vegas Pro’s color curves:

    – much bigger window with a grid
    – a diagonal bottom-left-to-top-right guideline
    – real numbers on the axes
    – live output of coordinates
    – the ability to input precise coordinates
    – import/export LUT
    – ability to change the RGB master curve after “splitting” the individual Red-Green-Blue curves.
    – make “Show all channels” default to ON, like it used to in VP10 and earlier

    I haven’t found any color curves plugins at all for Vegas, and I’ve looked pretty hard. There’s a definite market for someone to write one.

  • John Meyer suggested to me outside the forum that this is affecting 60i material only, so I did some more testing and that looks like that’s the case. My previous tests were just on 50i material.

    Here’s the testing I’ve done so far, also showing which ones John Meyer has so far confirmed:

    Everything at Best (Full) preview
    Everything “Interpolate fields”
    MPEG2 template I used was “DVD Architect NTSC widescreen”

    Preview of nested file – OK
    PAL DV to PAL DV – OK
    PAL DV to MPEG2 – OK (Confirmed – Meyer)
    1080-50i HDV to SD MPEG2 – OK (Confirmed – Meyer)
    1080-50i AVCHD (made from HDV) to SD MPEG2 – OK
    1080-60i HDV to NTSC DV – OK
    1080-60i HDV to SD MPEG2 – OK (Confirmed – Meyer)

    Preview of nested file – OK
    PAL DV to PAL DV – OK
    PAL DV to MPEG2 – OK (Confirmed – Meyer)
    1080-50i HDV to SD MPEG2 – OK (Confirmed – Meyer)
    1080-50i AVCHD (made from HDV) to SD MPEG2 – OK
    1080-60i HDV to SD MPEG2 not via nested project – OK (Confirmed – Meyer)
    1080-60i HDV to NTSC DV – NOT OK – renders progressive
    1080-60i HDV to SD MPEG2 – NOT OK – renders progressive (Confirmed – Meyer)
    1080-60i HDV to SD Lagarith – NOT OK – renders progressive

    Nasty bug which must have caught out a lot of people.

  • I checked here in 10.0e 32-bit and no problems. All is as it should be.

  • Nick Hope

    January 23, 2011 at 6:01 pm in reply to: HDV To Blu Ray Without Transcoding

    Eric, the limitation on MPEG-2 at 1440×1080 was in the draft specification from March 2005. The final specification (page 15) does not have this limitation, and none of the authoring software I have used has this limitation either. I do not know 100% for sure that the limitation was not shown in early “finalised” specs because I can’t find any earlier than April 2010. If it was, then there is a small chance that older players won’t like the disc. But I sold a few 1080-60i MPEG-2 Blu-rays to various customers in 2009 and did not have a complaint.

    The Blu-ray Wikipedia page was showing the limitation, so I changed it yesterday.

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