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  • Thanks Steve. Valuable advice and that is the way we normally handle any photo is to attempt to clarify it’s bonafides. I just for some reason or other got hung up on Wikipedia claiming in was covered under CC licensing .


  • Thanks for taking a look. That was my assumption however I’m still not clear on what credit is required by CC other than, out of courtesy, adding a photo or artist credit or a credit for the author. In the case of the photo there seems to be no one to credit.


  • Thank you guys for the words of wisdom. I looked for a CC license designation and found none other than the circle C with a line through it and no mention of not being able to use it commercially. Here is the URL for one of the shots:

    Here is another:

    Sorry to take up your time, but this is a little vexing to say the least.


  • Jim Watt

    December 11, 2019 at 10:12 pm in reply to: Premier Pro CC with no internet connection

    Hi todd,

    I thought that was the case, and of course when i tried in the office with turning off my WiFi internet connection, it worked just fine. I think maybe since i didn’t turn off WiFi maybe the MBP got confused.

    thanks for the info…Jim

  • In Adobe Premier you can use the Skybox pluggin “Rotate Sphere” to position a specific cut where you want the viewer to focus.

    Granted the idea of 360 video is to have a viewer look around, however when you’re telling a story it is sometimes/often necessary to take them to a specific angle since they’re likely to miss the action if you depend on them to find it.

    Specific case in point that we ran into filming a fly fishing promo. We have the VR camera mounted on an arm above the oars in a drift boat looking at both anglers the rower and the boat. Front angler hooks a nice rainbow trout, during the fight at about 180 degrees from the boat/angler the fish makes a couple of cool jumps. Without the cut, most would only see the fish jumps if they replay the movie several times. I simply did a dissolve to the jumping angle after adjusting the frame in “rotate sphere”.

    The other situation I find for adjusting the angle is for a cutaway when you want to shorten a scene. Make a cut, reposition the angle and you have a cutaway with no one the wiser. There’s a very practical use for this tool when telling a story in my opinion.

    Jim Watt

  • Jim Watt

    August 9, 2017 at 11:59 pm in reply to: integration within Premiere

    We’ve been using it since April with the Premier interface and love it, particularly since they introduced sharing files that don’t need a password, which make some of our clients very happy.


  • Jim Watt

    July 17, 2017 at 10:08 pm in reply to: 4K to 1080p Auto-Follow Subject Plug-in?

    Use a 1080 timeline, then just key frame your speaker as they move to keep them in the frame.

  • Jim Watt

    January 31, 2017 at 12:15 am in reply to: mac book pro early 2013 and 4k video

    Not sure what to tell you. I’m using an early 2012 MBP I7 processor 1600MHZ and I get decent playback of 4K in PP. This is with a mix of formats. H264 from our Inspire, XVAC-I from FS7 and XAVC-S from our A7R II and that’s just with firewire 7200 rpm drives. Granted I’m generally only using it for screening in the field, but you should definitely be doing better with a Thunderbolt drive and faster processor.

    Presumably you’ve cleaned out our cache, and I put all my previews on my system drive with the video on external drives.

    I have used the MBP in a pinch, when my main edit system was in for repair, to edit 2 or 3 layers of 4K with a Thunderbolt raid and generally it worked fine and we did edit a 25 minute 4K video with mixed Phantom 4, 4K andXAVC-S 4K footage using the 7200 rpm drive and it worked fine.

    Good luck, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful….JW

  • Jim Watt

    November 7, 2016 at 5:52 pm in reply to: Catalyst Browse update – and no transcode option

    You might want to consider investing in Edit Ready which is an excellent transcode program and it’s only $45 or so and it’s faster than Catalyst Browse by quite a bit. Great to have as a backup.


  • Jim Watt

    November 7, 2016 at 5:49 pm in reply to: Corrupt MPEGHD422 files

    Hi Mark,

    Very familiar with PP cache issues and that could have been the case on the producer’s laptop, but not on my MacBook Pro nor my IMAC, so again, it’s a big unknown. I’m editing all day today so I’m going to roll a couple of 2 ½ hr clips with the FS7 just to see what happens. I’m pretty sure I’ve never shot a 2 or 2 ½ hr clip before…as in never ever and I’ve been shooting for 50 years. I also hope never to do it again:). I’ll let you know what happens and thanks again for taking an interest in my problem.


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