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  • any progress with this???
    im on prem cc 2014 and the media-re-link just does. not. work. deadlines are to be met, yet i can’t even relink media to output the project.

  • I deeply sympathise with you

    Again i don’t run any RG product and its the same thing, the problem has been intermittent, sometimes it crash and freezes/black canvas just sound etc 12 times a day or more, or 6 times in an hour or less, but for the most part the past week or so it’s been relatively well behaved, for instance yesterday it just happened twice.

  • Thanks Kevin I’ll try that as of know and let you know how it goes . .

    So you’ve been having these update issues as well?

  • James Sehatt

    July 25, 2014 at 9:54 am in reply to: Error Compiling Movie: Unknown Error ?

    Hi all – Just in case this helps anyone i’ve managed to get round the render-error message by simply shuting down then restarting Premiere (CC V.8 2014)

  • all i’m doing is basic editing, scrubbing, cutting, all very normal procedural stuff, i’m not trying to have Premiere re-invent the wheel or anything

    so basically it’s impossible to just do a days edit because it’s freezing, crashing, constantly.

    thanks Adobe 🙂

  • Has anyone any news about this?? This is utterly ridiculous and extremely frustrating – the crashes, freezes and canvas going blank happens so frequently I may as well just cut off my own head.

    Adobe what are you doing about this????

  • No it’s not THE problem its A problem. I’m not an MB user running this new premiere update on windows, i’m on Mac and having the same freeze-crash issues as the others on this thread.

    I’d have thought Adobe would be all over this issue but it’s been weeks and weeks, and still nothing.

  • Yes the problems in your video are similar to the ones i’m having although I am not yet running MB.

    The update was installed far too soon, alas not my department.

    Needless to say sitting with a client going through an edit with these problems is unacceptable, and most if not all current projects have been updated via using this new version.

    As the saying goes – never buy (install) version 1.

    Beyond infuriating.

  • James Sehatt

    June 26, 2014 at 2:46 pm in reply to: bluring out multiple faces in one shot

    Thanks for the suggestions guys it’s been a big help

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