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  • James Sapione

    May 20, 2020 at 8:57 pm in reply to: Split Screen / PIP / Video Walls

    Im getting asked right and left to create video walls like this.
    Goto 8:13

    I have to farm it out – because Avid cant do this. Im not going to be making 18 PIP effects.

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  • James Sapione

    May 9, 2020 at 4:20 pm in reply to: Split Screen / PIP / Video Walls

    Thanks Glenn
    Yeah I’m not hating on Avid…. I love working on it. Its the only NLE i know – and i dont have the time and heart really to learn another. Iam not big time into effects either. Most of my stuff is editing multicam shows. So again – I love Avid – its layout, media management, and just the logically way it allows me to work fast. But the flip side – looking at all the effect templates out there – that are made for FinalCut X, or Premiere, etc….. and there is nothing even close for Avid. I find that hard to believe and its very disappointing. Us older editors who have seen the changes since the late 90’s know that to create these effects from scratch would take a very long time. NOW – just drop on your timeline. For example check this out – – I would have to send that out to Aftereffects person to create….time and money – verses just drop on timeline and edit within NLE. And its all done.

    We are moving into the whole plug and play market. I need a cool effect – i will just buy it. The avid “purest” will complain “oh you don’t understanding editing” while a 16yr kid is dropping these templates and blowing away clients. no one (or very little) people are creating these for Avid. If that doesn’t change very soon – especially in our new Covid world…. the avid editor, like myself becomes the dinosaur. The glimmer of hope – who ever comes up with templates for those on fxfactory – they could make ALOT of money. I don’t know why they havent – maybe its a software block on avid half….
    Anyway – my 2 cents

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  • James Sapione

    May 8, 2020 at 12:16 am in reply to: Split Screen / PIP / Video Walls

    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the response. I was afraid that was the answer. i can only hope that Avid recognizes the real need for these new type of work flows. When there are so many amazing templates out there – how can one of the top NLE’s not provide something of quality for their users…… ugh…but thats a age old issue with Avid. Its just that now, its beginning (or im beginning) to feel like a dinosaur.

  • James Sapione

    May 7, 2020 at 6:27 am in reply to: Media Composer and built in effects

    Hi guys,
    If i can piggyback off the topic. Ive been using Avid for nearly 20 years…. most for my projects are multicam. I do basic effects, and at one time was doing more elaborate effects for a promo house…buts my effects knowledge has diminished.
    But now with Covid and the new reality – getting calls for lot more effect based editing ….especially with multiple cell phone shots…. people want a lot of PIP, Split screens etc. I came across FxFactory site and WOW! They have a ton of very cool templates that seem pretty easy to use. Problem for me – its all for FCP X.

    Its disheartening…. i like to stay all Avid, but these effect templates – they are amazing. I know BCC and Sapphire, Avid Fx, are Avid goto effect plugins…..but unless im missing something they don’t have the ease of use that FxFactory templates provide…. (maybe im wrong. i hope). Is there anything comparable to the FxFactory site….Another plus – each template is affordable….. im not looking to spend $1800 for software im only going to use a 10% of…..

    Lastly.. Anyone know where i can easily create a video wall effect like this using Avid ?

    Thanks for any insights and your time

  • James Sapione

    January 6, 2020 at 2:07 am in reply to: System sounds muted while Avid is running

    Just a follow up to this. Drove me crazy. Im using a macbook pro laptop. Anyway – could not get audio from youtube up with Avid open. My solution – on the physical laptop itself – goto the sound bar…. just click it and move volume up/down. That turned the youtube audio back on for me to listen to music. I went back to Avid, and could play audio from timeline as well. Hope this helps

  • James Sapione

    December 4, 2014 at 5:55 pm in reply to: Can’t consolidate Prores HQ

    Hi Pat,
    Thanks for quick reply. Appreciate it
    This should just be regular ProRes422. The Kipro is well used in the industry. I can’t image it being some other type of prores???
    I link to the file fine with AMA. The playback is fine too.

    Is ProRes native to MC7? Then I should be able to consolidate.

    As a work around, if i need to Transcode – what should I transcode to? What would be the fastest Transcode? DNxHD or ProRess 422? This is where im confused. When i open the transcode dialog box i have many options to transcode to….. one of them is ProRes….. but the footage is already recorded as ProRes….why do i need to Transcode then????

  • James Sapione

    December 4, 2014 at 5:21 pm in reply to: Can’t consolidate Prores HQ

    Did you find an answer to this? Im having the same issue.

    MacBook Pro 2.6ghz i, 8gig ram
    Mac OS 10.8.5
    Avid MC 7

    I have over 2 hrs of a linecut created on a KiPro – ProRes 422. I have ISO footage also recorded this way. Reading older posts everyone suggest to consolidate the prores to give it a MXF wrapper so that Avid can track it better. I’m told ProRes is native to Avid MC7. That i only need to consolidate via AMA. I choose that option and get the error message:

    Some of the items selected for Consolidate contained foreign compression types, which could not be consolidated.
    See the console for details.
    To Consolidate these clips, please transcode them to a native compression type first.

    What gives? Anyone have a solution?


  • Ive seen this many times (Less using a old beta camera) Definitely the lighting. Its almost like a black light effect. Purple is the worst.

    Depending on the camera (Ex1/3, Panasonic…etc) turn off your gamma setting…basically making the picture “flat” and boring. This will help alot, but depending on the intensity of light..may not solve the entire thing. So don’t expect a miracle. In post, I then tweak the contrast to make the image snap back. You can also remove a bit of the dominate color.

    I hate those lights and I don’t know if the issue can be resolved no matter what camera you use.

  • James Sapione

    January 3, 2012 at 12:03 am in reply to: Any new XDCAM EX news/gear on the horizon?

    I was curious about any new announcements too.

    I need to upgrade gear. I was really looking to buy Panasonic HPX250… but the Auto focus/lens is terrible (plastic toy) along with the inability to dial in Kelvin, and sub-par peaking. Too bad, because it has so much going for it (AVC-I100, TC in/out, HDMI,SDIout, 10bit 4:2:2) BUT DAMN – that lens has problems!!!!

    So then I was going to buy Sony Ex1r. I’ve used it many times and love the way it performs. However – the Ex1/3 have been around now for nearly 3-4 years. Seems like its time for something new to come out, (that has servo zoom) and I don’t feel like dropping $6000 on a camera – that may be out staged with a new handheld Sony that could shoot 10bit 4:2:2 in 2012-2013?????

    Rather buy a used HPX170 for $2000 (could pay this off quicker) and wait for the next big thing. Either Panasonic releases the HPX250B with a totally re-worked lens. Or Sony releases a new EX1r type camera that shoots 10bit 4:2:2.

    BUT WHEN….. WHEN (and IF) THIS HAPPENS? Love to hear any new news!!!

  • James Sapione

    November 28, 2011 at 12:50 am in reply to: HPX250 Backfocus Issue?

    Any word yet on the focus? I’m stuck between buying the HPX250 or a EX1r. I love the peaking on the EX1’s…. are you telling me there is no peaking on LCD screen of the 250? That’s a real issue for me. I wonder if Panasonic will release a HVX250B?

    The only thing keeping my hopes up on the Panasonic is the 22x lens and the price. Would love to buy before the year is over….

    Hi Steve, what’s the deal with the HVX250 focusing?

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