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  • Heinz Melus

    June 11, 2023 at 2:49 pm in reply to: Upgrading my VEGAS Pro 11

    Hi Guys,

    I used Vergas Pro 11 on my old desktop (11 years) running Windows 10 . I want now to upgrade to Vegas 19 or 20.

    I bought now a new powerful desktop with Windows 11. I’m going to upgrade VEGAS when all is clear to run the new workstation. As all my projects are managed and rendered in Vegas 11, I want to be sure that they open all in V19 or V20. For safety reason, I want to keep the Vegas 11 version, if I can NOT open an old project in V19 or V20.

    The VEGAS 11 installation works on Windows 10, but I couldn’t install it on the new workstation, running Windows 11.

    1. Is there any way to install Vegas 11 on Windows 11? Or must I keep the old PC with Windows 10 to be sure, that I can open all project in V 19 or V 20? I’m not a pro, I have privat footage from over 30 years, converted 10 years ago to “.avi” and similar formats.

    2. What would be the safer way to go with, with V19 or V20?

    Thank you for any advice.


  • Heinz Melus

    May 29, 2023 at 2:26 pm in reply to: Upgrading my VEGAS Pro 11

    Thank you for your help.

  • Heinz Melus

    May 28, 2023 at 6:12 pm in reply to: Upgrading my VEGAS Pro 11

    Thanks Aivis for your explaination. I’m in the process of configuring the new Windows PC for the V19 or V20 version. I’m not a Pro and make my holiday and travel footage to present them to family and friends.
    Can anybody help me with required specs for the PC?

    I suggest Core i5 6 cores, 12-th Generation 2,5 GHz turbo 4,4GHz

    24GB DRAMM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 – 12288 MB,

    Drive C: 1 TB SSD, Drive D: 1 – 2 TB HDD

  • Heinz Melus

    June 23, 2015 at 2:48 pm in reply to: Blu ray or AVCHD

    Hi John

    Windows 10 is soon arriving.
    I run Vegas 11 on W7 SP1. Additionally I have SoundSoap 2.4 and Neat Video Home Edition.
    MS says, W10 runs my current soft and hardware. For the HW I’m more or less ok. I don’t want to try, if my video and sound applications run on W10.
    I couldn’t find anything for Vegas 11, Neat and SS concerning W10 on their responding sites.
    Upgrade all Applications is quite expensive just to run a new OS. I’m an amateur doing fine with home made footage, this question is important for me.

    Any reply is appreciated
    Best regards


  • Heinz Melus

    May 6, 2014 at 12:29 pm in reply to: Blu ray or AVCHD

    Thanks John, In AE the demo shows that in advanced Mode he uses several samples (light, mid and dark colors) from several frames to get the best out for the noise profile. This is in case the Auto Profile can’t find a suitable size sample in one frame.


  • Heinz Melus

    May 6, 2014 at 8:51 am in reply to: Blu ray or AVCHD

    Hi John

    Some time ago you recommended Neat Video for Video noise reduction.
    I just bought the Home Edition.
    All demos from Neat Video are in After Effects. I have Vegas Pro 11.

    The sequence I wanted to do first was a footage shot in a garage 1990.
    It has a lot of noise in it. There is no big field to get Auto Profile to fit for reduction. I have to use many smaller fields to Fine tune. I need to collect the fields in several frames.
    When I add the Neat Video Plug-In to a Clip in the timeline, press Configure button, I get the Neat Video Home Plugin Window. I select some fields , fine tune them and them I need another frame to continue the Profile.

    As the Neat Video FX is open, I can’t move the cursor in the timeline. I need it to go to darker or lighter field in other frames.

    What did I miss in the process to slide the cursor in the timeline??


  • Heinz Melus

    April 15, 2014 at 4:09 pm in reply to: Blu ray or AVCHD


    I’d like to add info.
    The most strange thing is, that Windows shows 7,1GB for the MPEG 2 file and for the AC3 322 MB. When I drag them into DVDA 6.0, the parameter in the right bottom corner in DVDA shows 14,7 GB in a red field. How come?
    Is this from the fact, that I dragged the VST files into the Vegas timeline? What else could it be?
    I can’t add any additional track in the DVDA timeline. I believe it is from the fact, it shows 14,7 GB.


  • Heinz Melus

    April 14, 2014 at 7:20 pm in reply to: Blu ray or AVCHD

    Hi John,
    I’m stuck again.
    I bought on my trip a commercial DVD about St. Petersburg with 3,5 hours (DL) length and in 10 languages. It badly plays on my PC and on other devices. I tried to redo it in Vegas 11.
    I couldn’t import the VTS files into Vegas, but could into the timeline. Properties show MPEG2 with AC3. Render proposed MXF. File gets 50 – 100GB in comparison with the 7,6 GB on the DVD.
    I set up the multi channel audio and again only MXF – big file.
    I saw a tutorial from Gary Rebholz with exactly what I want. 2 languages, means 2 audio tracks. Set up 2 buttons in DVDA to play the desired language with the video.
    Gary’s import into DVDA shows 1 video track and 2 audio tracks in AC3. How can I get from Vegas 2 AC3 files. My video rendered in MPEG2 is 7 GB. A rendered mix of both AC3 tracks is 322 MB. With the mix I can’t assign the 2 buttons. How can I get 2 AC3 tracks?
    The only idea I have is manually mute one audio track and render the other. Then delete the video and first audio track and render the second audio alone. The second file must then be a different name. Will this work in DVDA? This is not a smart solution.
    Is there a better way to overcome this?


  • Heinz Melus

    March 4, 2014 at 9:16 am in reply to: Blu ray or AVCHD

    Thanks John!
    1. I installed VirtualConeDrive. I use the AiseeSoft BR Player on trial. It worked for short video. Are all BR player commercial or can you recommend a Freeware one? If not, which would be a good choice for this job?

    2. I still have a lot of uncertainties with the process. I have a Sony CX550 camcorder. I shoot my footage with the highest resolution FX ( Max. 24Mbps 1,920 x 1,080 pixels/16:9, AVC, Virtual Bit rate). I believe it is interlaced. When I say match project settings it goes to FIELD ORDERS.
    SONY AVC Template has no VBR, only FIXED. I’m not sure to get it in sync with audio??
    MAINCONCEPT2: Blu Ray 50i, 25 Mps with a bitrate from 20 – 30 bps gives a higher file size than 17-24 bps. With both adjustments the Windows Explorer show a time length of 20:08 for a video of 24:11 minutes. Audio was excluded. File type Movie Clip (.m2v)
    When I use the same template and just include the audio stream and uncheck separate streams I get a file with 24:11 time, called AVCHD (.m2t).
    AUDIO for BR: what should I use as the separate stream? The Blu Ray Audio part of the template (video unchecked) or the stand alone template AC3 Pro?
    Putting V&A into DVDA 6.0, both files show now 24:11 time?
    Which process – parameter should I use?

    3. Usually my rendered video are between 15 and 80 minutes. What would be a good virtual player?

    The camcorder manual says the following: see bottom of message.

    Video signal: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 1920 x 1080/50i, 1440 x 1080/50i
    Audio signal: Dolby Digital 2ch/5.1ch
    The following list shows the bit-rate, pixels and aspect ratio of each recording mode (movie + audio, etc.).
    High definition image quality (HD):
    FX: Max. 24Mbps 1,920 x 1,080 pixels/16:9
    FH: Approx. 17Mbps (average) 1,920 x 1,080 pixels/16:9
    HQ: Approx. 9Mbps (average) 1,440 x 1,080 pixels/16:9
    LP: Approx. 5Mbps (average) 1,440 x 1,080 pixels/16:9
    Your camcorder uses the VBR (Variable Bit Rate) format to automatically adjust image quality to suit the recording scene. This technology causes fluctuations in the recording time of the media. Movies containing quickly moving and complex images are recorded at a higher bit-rate, and this reduces the overall recording time.

    You cannot create an AVCHD disc from a movie recorded with [HD FX] mode of [REC MODE]. Save a movie recorded with [HD FX] mode onto Blu-ray discs or external storage devices).

    Thanks for the discussion


  • Heinz Melus

    March 3, 2014 at 7:14 am in reply to: Blu ray or AVCHD

    Thanks John, I didn’t know that it is an image.

    I have a powerful Windows WS bought together with V11 and a fairly new VAIO LT. I have a lot of storage disks, where all the clips are captured from the last 25 years. Plus a MS Server 2008.
    Mounting a virtual Disk on LT to run a player is not convenient as well as carrying several BR disks with a BR player with me.
    Is there a process to keep it simpler for the VAIO? I could use the .iso file for a home video player and render a second file for the road? The only solution I found was to use the BR 50i, 25 fps variable bitrate Template as for .iso, but include the audio stream and uncheck separate streams. This .m2t file run on the MS Media Player with normal quality and sound. It’s flexible to manipulate, cause I have the mouse.
    Is there a better solution?

    Thank you in advance?
    Best regards


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