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  • Nope Rob, the problem still persists in my world. I do such a high volume of work that I don’t have the time to keep chasing solutions, so I hardly use it these days. It’s very unfortunate because I’ve used Zaxwerks products for quite some time and I really do like them. I am especially impressed with the addition of so many new features over the years. But if bugs in the upgrades render the product practically useless, then my investment is wasted. I’m going to have a hard time in convincing myself, not to mention my bosses, that it’s worth it to keep upgrading when they are so often flawed. It’s very difficult to be productive when your tools don’t work properly. I’m still holding out hope that Zaxwerks will find a way to fix things, but I haven’t heard a peep from them in a long, long time. I don’t remember any software patches or updates for some time now, and haven’t seen or heard of what, if anything is coming in the next version. I wonder if they are even still in the game. Dunno.

  • I appreciate the feedback, but unfortunately that work around doesn’t help me. I’m on Mac, not PC, and I need to be able to open existing projects and make changes to the textures and then re-render them. I’m integrating the Zaxwerks plugin with other elements in After Effects and I would have to rebuild the entire AE project with your workaround and that’s a non-started. The texturing is where the problem arises. I should be able to apply as texture from whatever option is available, without the whole program crashing. I shouldn’t have to rely on workarounds to make the software work correctly.

    Zaxwerks has been aware of this issue for quite some time and they simply don’t seem to care. I guess I’m just one little user and don’t matter. I really like the product when it works. I think it’s innovative, efficient and a pretty easy way to do 3D work for my application in TV. But I seem to keep running into issues when they release updates or new versions. It’s getting to be a really frustrating cycle. I guess it’s time to start investigating other options. I don’t know. Thanks for your input though.

  • So, nothing? No response? I have projects that have to get done and I need solutions. The work around doesn’t always work. Need help here.

  • Checking in to see if there has been a fix for this yet. The work-around that we talked about a couple of months ago (using it in Ray Tracing Mode) isn’t having any effect on my current project. Still getting crash after crash. Please help!!!

  • Something I just noticed is that when applying the layer map or picture map to the texture I was selecting “Absolute Color” and when I left it on “Standard Color” it didn’t crash. Then I selected “Absolute Color” and it crashed again. So maybe the issue is found in that process. FTR, I use “Absolute Color” most of the time because I want the texture to be true to the image I’m mapping.

  • No, it happens after I apply an image or layer map to a texture and apply it to the model in the edit window. It always crashes when I click out of the Zaxwerks edit window back into After Effects. It hangs up for a few seconds like it’s trying to render the image preview, then crashes After Effects. It’s very consistent in doing that and does it whether I apply an image or use a layer map assigned from the comp. Doesn’t matter.

  • Hi Alex,

    Sorry, just remembered this. I tried your suggestion, but still had the same result. Any other suggestions?

    My computer’s specs are:

    Mac Pro running OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
    2.7 Ghz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5
    64 GB of 1866 MHZ DDR3 ECC
    AMD FirePro D5000 3072 MB Graphics card

  • Has there been any resolution to this issue? My Invigorator Pro still crashes when I try to use the Layer Maps function. It doesn’t do it every time, but does it often enough to make the product almost unusable. Some help would be appreciated.

  • I’m working on Mac and it crashes on pretty much any project that I try to add a layered or image texture to or if I try to change an existing texture with a different layered or image file. I also have been having the same issues with bump maps too. Where should I email the info and files?

  • Cliff Wallace

    April 15, 2014 at 7:26 pm in reply to: 3D Invigorator PRO v7 adding keyframes on its own

    I love and always have loved working with Invigorator Pro. That being said, I wish that they would use this forum as it is intended, to help users PUBLICLY solve their issues so that others that may be having the same problems have a resource to find solutions. On so many of these threads I see them ask the poster who’s having an issue to send them their files, then never hear another word about it in those threads. They may in fact be offering solutions to that one poster, but by not sharing that publicly, they leave so many of us that are having the same issues in the dark. It seems less than genuine to me.

    I totally get wanting to control the narrative about their product and not wanting this to turn into an environment where people do nothing but complain or denigrate their products. But this is a professional forum that they choose to participate in. It should be a place where they honestly and openly engage their users and provide help, even if it sometimes puts the product in a less than favorable light. It’s called accountability. I will forgive a company if they make a complex product, like Zaxwerks does, and there are bugs from time to time. What I have a far more difficult time doing is forgiving that company if they choose to ignore us, the users, when those situations arise. Even a “we don’t know, but we are working on it, would be a better response than none at all.

    I know that they have to have seen this thread because it’s been here for a while and Edward replied to it in January. I just don’t get why, we’ve heard nothing else from them since then. Especially considering that this is where you get directed to when you go to the support selection on their website. To say that it is frustrating is very much an understatement. At some point I have to start considering other options because it’s becoming less and less productive for me to use the product. But maybe it’s just me that feels this way though. I don’t know.

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