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  • Alban Egger

    February 18, 2015 at 9:05 am in reply to: Mac Mini fries mini converters? Any way to reset them?

    So the good news… it to work again.

    Tried it all with fresh restarts of every device…Mac, Switcher, converter….no signal via SDI
    I installed the BM Converter Utility, plugged in the DVI Extender and played with the settings (basically switching everything around and resetting again).

    Then I plugged the Macbook mini-display-adapter in and checked the SDI signal, which is back and fine. I don´t dare plugging it into the same Mac mini right now… least now I know how to fix the converter.

    My guess is the Mac mini has a high voltage somewhere and that switches the Converter into a wrong video mode (HDLink?).

  • Alban Egger

    September 14, 2014 at 2:05 pm in reply to: Vizrt and nablet GmbH announce MXF plugin for FCPX (and 7)

    Editready and vizrt allow import or transcode, but what about exporting MXF ?

  • Alban Egger

    August 1, 2014 at 8:55 pm in reply to: and finally……

    Neil, I have seen student films to be cut on Avid or free, not even 10 bucks. What does that actually say about any NLE or the person using it? You guys just hate on FCPX so much it is not even funny anymore and the arguments are getting really lame.

    FCPX is not suitable for a workflow of 2007. we knew that after a week of its existence in 2011. so leave us alone with your 37 months old trashtalk. But for people who built or are building a workflow around it, it works at least as good or hopefully better than the other NLEs (OSX, media management, editing, output-options come into play).

    And they charge what they have to and it is none of our concern. I make a lot more with X than I did with FCP or Edius. So maybe you just read the wrong paper.

  • Alban Egger

    August 1, 2014 at 8:41 pm in reply to: and finally……

    Finally ? What finally? Don ‘t get the point of your post, and AFAIK FCPX has already sold more copies than all FCP versions together.

    So what are you saying? That Adobe is sponsoring the cow and Apple doesn’t?

  • Alban Egger

    July 20, 2014 at 6:23 pm in reply to: Oh dear, we will switch to fcpx!

    [David Powell] “In X, no colored markers, no maker list drop down in the browser, no marker retention in the nest. Now if X allowed 2 simultaneous projects to be opened I suppose you could use the database function on the left (whats that thing called again) to achieve some nice results.”

    Yes, the marker system is not comparable (yet?). What you mean is the Timeline Index, where you can search the markers, which you set in the Event Browser or Timeline. They are searchable there (like they are in the Event Browser). But they don´t carry from the timeline back to the browser (workaround is maybe using matchframe and then set the marker) and they are not in the timeline index when you hide them in a compound.
    Speaking of Compounds: I find the compounds to be very robust now (there were issues until about 1 year ago), but as you correctly point out, we easily lose the reference as to what is actually going on in the compound.

    Back to the markers: in X markers are IMO not a good way to tag interviews, simply for the fact, that keywords are much more powerful, because you can with one click identify all soundbites that belong together, instead of having to search through marker-texts. There are situations, where that is helpful especially as a second check, but in general I feel keywords and smart-collections are much better.

  • Alban Egger

    July 20, 2014 at 3:32 pm in reply to: Opening Final cut 10.0 projects/events in 10.1.2

    first move the Event into a root directory “Final Cut Events”.
    Then move the Projects for this event into a root directory “Final Cut Projects”. You will probably have to create these directories first! Until 10.0.9 FCPX always created events and projects in these folders, so 10.1 will look only in these places!!

    Once you have done that you can go like Noah said to “Update….”.
    FCPX will now create a library with the name of your drive(!) and this event and projects in it (there will also be an event “Updated Projects”. You can move Projects out of there if you want.
    FCPX will also create a “Saved Events and Projects” folder. It will ask you to keep or delete the old event files. Since this does NOT take any extra space on your drive (don´t ask me…it is magic indeed) keep them until you are sure everything has moved properly.
    I have done this to dozens of events and never had an issue!

  • Alban Egger

    July 20, 2014 at 5:24 am in reply to: Oh dear, we will switch to fcpx!

    [Franz Bieberkopf] “I can’t speak to the browser-based editing workflows that FCP X key-wording seems designed for, but I will say that there are many ways of organizing vast amounts of data, and for sequence-based editing workflows (doc or otherwise) I don’t see any advantages in X – I certainly wouldn’t call it the “smartest” tool.”

    See here I tend to strongly feel you don´t know FCPX really and just like to express your dislike constantly.
    I can give you an example how FCPX can be smart in MY opinion, of course those who hate FCPX will never agree, I put it out there anyway for those who are actually interested in the tool:
    I made a documentary for a historic olympic host city with dozens of lengthy interviews, current footage, stock and historic licences IOC footage plus footage bought from private persons, who filmed at those times in color and black and white.
    My “record” in this doc was to give one interview answer 11 keywords. So in any other NLE you would have to create 11 sub-clips in various length which you copy to 11 sub-bins.

    If I now need to find all relevant assets that have to do with “athleteA”, “yearX”, “double luge”, “turn13”, “interview or slow-motion”, “shot in color” and available in “1080p or “4K”” (to exclude private DVD material) and NOT “IOClicense” (to exclude licensing issues) it takes me exactly 20-30 seconds to do so with a simple smart collection. Mind you this also displays every interview bit where ANOTHER athlete speaks about “athleteA”. That workflow is smart and I challenge any editor to find the exact same data in a shorter amount of time without extensive preparation on timecodesheets and (several) assistants to keep check of those through the whole process of logging and editing.

  • Alban Egger

    July 19, 2014 at 8:56 am in reply to: Oh dear, we will switch to fcpx!

    If you come from FCP7 you are in for a treat. And if only for the advantages of using a 64-bit machine (I hope you also upgraded hardware, because FCPX needs a new GPU).

    After you enjoy the ease of organizing your footage and materials in the event, you will find that timelines are not messy at all. On the contrary when I look at timelines on twitter (e.g. on timeline tuesday) the AVID timelines look “messy” to me even when they are neatly tidied up. I just don´t see the need for 42 tracks anymore in my work.

    Some people here keep pointing at issues they have at their current workflow which FCPX does solve differently (or maybe not at all). I could point at many issues a FCPX user has in CC or Avid just as much.

    Other people keep feeling offended by the terms FCPX introduced. Well, I never used the FCP-term “sequence” which was just as arbitrary as calling it “project”. For me usually it is a timeline, but I often use the term project for the timeline, especially when the job consists of ONE timeline that consists of several other timelines/compounds/multicams and assets. In FCPX every clip or asset can be its own timeline (there is a command “Open in Timeline”…it doesn´t say project there). Timeline and project are different terms and it makes sense when you understand the workflow. And I don´t want to call anyone an idiot as some of you accused another user of, just say if you never learned and understood the tool maybe you shouldn´t judge it by your current workflow, because I could pick that apart from an FCPX standpoint also. But since I don’t know Avid good enough, I don´t even start it. I have tried Premiere CC, but after using FCPX for 3 years it seems like such a step backwards I gave up comparing it to X.

    Every NLE has its strengths. FCPX match frame is different and yes it lacks Timecode functionalities. I don´t miss it since I can look at every timecode of every clip any time in the timeline (via “clip skimming”) and I don´t need to see 15 time codes at once (after all my audio is synced up at all times and clip connections, multicams or auditions take care of other sync-spots).

    Will Mark have growing pains…of course. There are growing pains when switching from automatic gears to manual gear shifting in a car and vice versa. It is all about staying open minded, listen to people and learn from editors who have successfully used X already. For docs there is no tool that can help organizing vast amounts of data as smart as FCPX does. So good luck on that journey, Mark!

  • Alban Egger

    July 8, 2014 at 3:55 pm in reply to: Is it all over?

    FCPX won, unless you charge by the hour.

  • Alban Egger

    June 9, 2014 at 7:08 am in reply to: inconsistent behavior

    I did not update to OSX 10.9.3, in 10.9.2 I see no behaviour like you explain.

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