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  • ROWS and COLLUMS (4 – AE – carddance effect)

  • Nils Palmen

    January 31, 2006 at 8:11 pm


    i’m trying to create a digital rain effect using carddance in AE. i’m only using ONE’s and ZERO’s (1110001110001101…) carddance needs to have a specific number of rows and collums to match the CUT grid – soit doesn’t cut through the numbers you typed. I found a sort of tutorial by ayato on his website ( where he explains how to make collums and rows using illustrator. but i just can’t do it the way he tells it. the project seems to be to big to render or i just can’t type anything in the little box.

    so what is the best way to create a number of rows and collums in illustrator to use it with the carddance effect of AE ? or any other way to create a file with rows and collums to use in carddance??

    thanks nills .. . .

    (and does anyone have another digital rain tutorial he knows of?)

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