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  • K3G-Box Analog Audio Issue

  • Brian DeViteri

    June 8, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Wondering if anyone has ever experienced something like this…

    I have a Kona 3G card with a K3G-Box and the analog audio output from the K3G-Box has randomly stopped working at times. I am on my second K3G-Box unit (AJA replaced the first one).

    It’s weird to describe, but the problem is that analog audio sometimes randomly just does not work. AES and SDI embedded audio always work fine, but analog audio (from the two RCA audio outputs) does not.

    Yes, it sounds like one of those things that you’d say is a setup issue (user error), but I assure you – it is not. It is not an audio cabling issue, or an issue with the mixer, or an issue with the speakers. All have been tested and are working fine. The mixer is outputting audio perfectly fine from the MacPro tower on an input, as well as audio from an iPod on another input without issue. Swapping inputs does not change anything. I’m assuming it is an issue with either the Kona 3G card, the K3G-Box, the cables linking the two, or another issue altogether.

    The problem can be “fixed” by restarting the machine several times (4-5) and is is truly random when it starts working again. For the first K3G-box unit I had, analog audio did not work at all when installing/setting up so I opened an RMA request and they sent a new unit. I left the breakout box installed (while waiting for the replacement) and the analog audio randomly started working the next day (without changing the setup at all), probably after 7-8 restarts.

    Now this same issue is happening with the replacement breakout box. It was “working fine” since it was replaced, but started having this issue again last night. It was fine in the morning, BTW. After 4-5 restarts (power off, wait, power on) it finally started working.

    AJA suggested to:
    Check the 60-pin cable/connectors (which are fine)
    Check the LED power light on the K3G-box (which has stayed illuminated whenever the machine is on)
    Check the AJA Control Panel info to show breakout box (which is currently does)

    They also suggested to delete the Kona 3G preference files and reboot, which I have not done (since it is CURRENTLY working again), but this will be the first thing I do if I experience the issue again.

    Anyone ever experience something similar? Have several Kona 3 cards with the breakout boxes and they have never experienced something like this. This is the first Kona 3G card and breakout box I have used.

  • Warren Eig

    June 14, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    I’ve had this problem with the the K3 box as well and had mine replaced 3 times.

    It stems from the fact that the RCAs for analogue out are just soldered on the circuit board. I spoke to AJA about this and asked if they could thread them form the outside and add a strain relief screw so the are screwed on from the outside of the box. They said it was not possible. My work around is to make sure I strain relief the cables with zip ties to the rackmount so no pressure is exerted on the RCAs.

    Warren Eig
    O 310-470-0905

    email: [email protected]


  • Dave Boampong

    July 1, 2011 at 6:30 am

    The exact same thing happened to me. I received excellent tech. support from Keith and the problem disappeared. It returned later though.

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