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  • Avid 6.0 on Unity files not scanning databases properly when using Mac :SOLUTION

  • James Beattie

    March 4, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    Hello folks,

    I am an Avid ACSR in Atlanta, Georgia at Comprehensive Technical Group. We have been doing more and more support for systems brought from the West coast. And the first service call we are seeing is databases not picking up media. When we are brought in to setup the systems, we have been checking this in advance and the clients don’t have issues.

    We had several clients with issues last year where files transported from the DIT were not being scanned by the Avid databases when on Unity. However, when they were on local drives, they were fine.

    The issue is related to machine names. For some reason, Media Composer 6.0 (and some newer, supported versions) on Mac and Unity 5 require simple Macintosh Machine names. The Unity uses the Mac machine name for folder structure, and if it is more complex than: edit1, edit2, edit3, Then the indexes do not scan properly. Most system names we are seeing are something like: Z_Edit_2 and we have been seeing issues consistently. Rename the Avids something simple that is less than 8, lowercase and no spaces. Then import a file on the Avid to build the necessary folder structure, then move your mxf files into your new folder. TRUST ME this works. We spent many hours troubleshooting one night, and discovered it. Not sure how to get the word out, other than a COW posting.

    Again, we keep seeing this on every imaged system when we get onsite. It is recommended to make the machine names simple and life will be easier.

    -James Beattie
    [email protected]
    Comprehensive Technical Group
    ACSR Elite and Avid sales support

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