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Forums Adobe Media Encoder Audio Glitch at the end of After Effects export.

  • Audio Glitch at the end of After Effects export.

  • Liam Hammer

    July 29, 2016 at 7:04 am

    I’ve just updated Media Encoder to, and After Effects to (running on Windows 10). Ever since then, I’ve been encountering a glitch in the audio of any After Effects projects that I export out of Media Encoder. Everything is fine for most of the video, but as I reach the end of the exported video, the audio begins to double up or cut out and jump to a different part of the track.

    This does not exist in the AE project or the original audio track, nor does it occur on any video that I export directly out of After Effects. I’ve tried exporting with both h.264 and Quicktime, with a variety of presets for both, with consistent results. If I export a video directly out of AE, then re-encode that video in Media Encoder, then the glitch does not occur.

    I’ve been using this workflow without issue for a while now, so I can’t think of anything different that I’ve been doing other than the software update. Has anyone else run into this issue / have any tips on how to fix it?

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