Video Creators Virtual Summit

World-Class After Effects Instruction – FREE or VIP

Be sure to register for the Video Creators Virtual Summit set from Feb. 18-22, 2024. It’s 5 days, 20 instructors, and 50 classes, and they’re geared toward the beginner and intermediate audience.

There is an After Effects track, as well as an Adobe Premiere track and a combined track. Classes are available for free online. However, a VIP Pass is available for lifetime access to watch class recordings, receive class notes, and additional bonus material from instructors (videos, templates, presets, cheat-sheets, and more). Let’s take a more in-depth look at the After Effects track.

Feb. 18

Feb. 18 starts with an Introduction to Adobe After Effects with Kyle Hamrick. This session helps beginners know where to begin. Attendees will learn practical knowledge to help animate titles and graphics, track elements, and remove unwanted objects in footage. Next comes an interesting class by Eran Stern on Using After Effects to Animate AI Images. Learn how to add realistic elements (like weather effects), use expressions to control the animation, and integrate AI video tools with native 3D models in AE.

Chris Converse will show you how to create Data-Driven Animation in After Effects. Take data from Excel or Google Sheets and have After Effects do the heavy lifting. Ian Robinson will show you how to use AI tools in Illustrator and Photoshop to generate graphs that you can animate in After Effects. Finally, Ryan Summers offers a session on Rigging and Animating Characters. Learn the basics of posing, timing, and spacing for character animation.

Feb. 19

Richard Harrington shows you how to Bring Photos to Life in After Effects. This includes identifying planes, quick masks, adding 3D cameras, and relighting scenes. The, Ryan Summers is back offering ways to work more efficiently in After Effects. John Knowles has two sessions on this day. One helps you get organized in AE, which one discusses AI tools in more depth. And, Dr. Mathias Mohl teaches Easy Keyframing Techniques with a Free After Effects Plugin.

Feb. 20

This day starts with Luisa Winters providing an Introduction to After Effects for New Users. Then, it’s my turn to teach. I will offer an Introduction to After Effects Expressions, ramping up from very beginner to intermediate expressions. Dr. Mohl is back to teach you about Creating Personalized Workflows with Automation Blocks.

Ryan Summers has a session on Customizing Your Workflow with Scripts and Plugins. This will help you fine-tune your timing and assist with color, type, and composition. Finally, Rod Harlan teaches on Typography for Video.

Feb. 21

The great Eran Stern is back to show you how to Use the New 3D Workspace in After Effects. Then, I’m back with a Beginner’s Guide to Animating Text in After Effects. This will cover using presets, making text reveals without presets, animating strokes, and creating intermediate-level expressions to help drive text animation. Then, Kyle Hamrick is back to present on Kinetic Typography. The day ends with two After Effects sessions by Chad Perkins.

Feb. 22

This may be the last day, but it’s content is still going strong. Chris Converse presents on After Effects for Designers. Luisa Winters teachings on Advanced Techniques for Animating with Expressions. Ian Robinson will get into Visual FX, such as using Content Aware Fill, keying, and compositing. Richard Harrington presents an entire session on Mastering Content Aware Fill. Finally, Rod Harlan provides some business advice to help you Get Clients for Video Projects.

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As you can see, this is a jam-packed lineup with some of the best in the industry. Sign up for the Video Creators Virtual Summit and get your Free Pass or VIP Pass today! You’re sure to learn something!

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