Man examines a Wooden Camera K10017 Panasonic GH6 Unified Accessory Kit

Wooden Camera releases a new sleek, more robust line of Kits for the Panasonic DC-GH6

Wooden Camera, designer and manufacturer of solutions for popular digital motion-picture cameras, announced a new collection of custom kits for the Panasonic DC-GH6. Wooden Camera’s customized GH6 kits are designed to give users the most solid yet flexible cage setups for their camera system. The kits are available in Base or Advanced options, with additional accessories available for purchase à la carte.

ARCA System from the bottom and Panasonic DC GH6 Cage with ARCA

“Wooden Camera’s track record of designing custom cages and accessories for the industry’s top cameras has been well established, but we’ve tried to take it even further with these new designs,” said Dominick Aiello, Divisional Senior Director of Accessories at Creative Solutions. “With the popularity of Panasonic DC-GH6, we knew that we wanted to put extra effort into designing something that moves away from our universal cages of the past by using our wrap-around design.”

The Panasonic DC-GH6 wrap-around cage includes standard features like a removable hot-shoe clamp, focal-plane marking, detachable cable clamp bracket and 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting points compatible with industry standard locating pins.

Exclusive unique features include: an ARCA plate that offers both a standard riser configuration for shooting video and the option to attach the ARCA plate directly to the bottom of the cage for photography tripods and monopods; improved baseplate security and stability; an upgraded visual aesthetic and an integrated cable-connector clamp on the side rail to prevent accidental disconnection while shooting.

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Kit and Accessories

  • Base Kit 
  • Cage
  • Baseplate
  • Mini Top Handle
  • 9” Rods
  • Advanced Kit 
  • Cage
  • Baseplate
  • Mini Top Handle
  • 9” Rods
  • 8” Safety Dovetail
  • À la carte accessories: 
  • MFT to PL Mount
  • Tilt Monitor Hinge
  • A-Box
  • Cold Shoe
  • Cold Shoe Riser Bracket


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