on set of the reality TV show Take Off with a man operating a camera

Reality TV Show Take Off Produced with Blackmagic Design Multicamera Workflow

Blackmagic Design today announced that “Take Off,” a reality TV game show based and shot in Luxembourg, was produced using an acquisition, control and delivery solution based on the ATEM Constellation 8K live production switcher and DaVinci Resolve Studio for editing and color correction.

With a mission to ignite a passion for science among Luxembourg’s youth, “Take Off” is a game show where science and innovation meet competition. The groundbreaking format is a first of its kind and is broadcast by RTL on traditional linear television and via YouTube.

“The show pits 12 contestants against one another in a series of challenges, culminating in a grand finale,” begins Creative Director Yann Figuet of FreeLens TV, the production company behind the show. “Our implementation of Blackmagic Design has been instrumental in bringing ‘Take Off’ to life and enabling us to seamlessly integrate advanced production workflows.”

The production presented a unique set of challenges for FreeLens TV, with the show’s format requiring a multicamera live production workflow to follow unpredictable outcomes which could then be edited in post production.

“Comprising 19 cameras, we implemented a technical solution that included SMPTE fiber camera chains and a vision workflow based around Blackmagic’s ATEM Constellation 8K and ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel,” Figuet reveals.

For picture acquisition, FreeLens TV employed a mix of Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 and Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4Ks augmented by a series of PTZ cameras. “Broadcast in HD, we paired the URSA Minis with a mix of B4 lenses and rigged each unit with a fiber converter, providing a camera return feed for the operator as well as camera control, talkback and tally,” Figuet notes.

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Virtual production elements, powered by Unreal Engine, further enriched the viewers’ experience, as Figuet explains: “Our goal was to educate and engage our audience through immersive storytelling. By leveraging Unreal Engine alongside Blackmagic Design’s technology, we were able to seamlessly integrate virtual elements into our live production, enhancing the educational value of the show.”

Managing camera signals, including ISO recording, and streamlining production were made possible using a series of HyperDeck Studio 4K Pro broadcast decks and Blackmagic Videohub 40×40 12G routers.

“To distribute the different streams, a pair of Videohub 40×40 12G routers were used for signal management. One managed inputs and outputs on our ATEM Constellation 8K, with an additional router distributing signals from the 43 ISO recorders,” Figuet explains.

To help the production team follow events as they played out, a live program was vision mixed, which FreeLens TV re edited in post production using DaVinci Resolve Studio for the multicam edit and picture finishing.

“Our 25 years of expertise in television isn’t just about producing content; it’s about crafting experiences,” concludes Figuet. “With the support of technology providers like Blackmagic Design, we’ve been able to implement an end to end solution spanning sensor to delivery that leverages our deep understanding of production workflows.”

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