The Go Creative Show with Florain Hoffmeister's Pachinko Cinematography

Pachinko Cinematography, with Florian Hoffmeister BSC

PACHINKO cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister BSC shares how he created one cohesive look to represent multiple decades in Japan and Korea. What cameras and lenses did he choose and why? We discuss it all. 

Florian and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, talk about the challenges of filming in a language and culture he didn’t understand, why episode 7 has a completely different look, his approach to the earthquake scene, lessons learned, and more!

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What you will learn:

  • What PACHINKO accomplishes as a story (01:46)
  • Portraying the changing time periods (03:09)
  • How to use space effectively in cinematography (06:05)
  • Challenges of not knowing the language or culture (10:32)
  • When to say no to a project (17:38)
  • The visual approach to PACHINKO (24:57)
  • Florian’s approach to filming exteriors (30:05)
  • The crazy logistics of using a camera crane on the water (35:42)
  • Shooting episode 7 with a different aspect ratio (42:22)
  • Breaking down the earthquake scenes (47:45)
  • Lessons learned filming PACHINKO (51:54)
  • And more!



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