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Nouvel Photo & Film Captures Cinematic Wedding Films with Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K

Blackmagic Design today announced that Nouvel Photo and Film is using Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K digital film camera for cinematic wedding films, capitalizing on a Blackmagic RAW and DaVinci Resolve Studio editing, color grading and audio post production workflow. With a Blackmagic Design ecosystem in place, Co Founders Jonathon and Sarena Oudthone can focus more on the storytelling aspects of each project while meeting tight deadlines.

“What I love most about using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is the ability to film in open gate,” noted Jonathon. “The bride and groom dancing under a starry night with their closest friends and family around them is a moment you want to capture with as much detail as possible. Having that extra stretch of image real estate has changed my perspective on how I need to shoot these moments. My couples want to see their people, their distinct wedding details, and more of the moment in every shot. Open gate, combined with some solid composition, gives them that moment in pure cinematic fashion.”

“Additionally, having more room to crop to a desired perspective is beneficial, including shots that otherwise wouldn’t have had enough vertical resolution to be used as social media content,” he added. “Nowadays, content for social media is a top priority for clients.”

According to Jonathon, Nouvel Photo and Film started out using different camera systems and software, but the team wasn’t optimizing their potential as filmmakers. “We switched pretty quickly to DaVinci Resolve to broaden our capabilities in the world of color grading and eventually transitioned to using Blackmagic cameras exclusively when the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K was released,” he said. “The Cinema Camera 6K, paired with several Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pros, has been an absolute game changer in how we bring our vision to life, now achieving the image quality and look I’ve been chasing for quite some time.”

“My color grading style is very true to natural color, the way we see colors in these moments as they are. Every time I load a shot into DaVinci Resolve, I’m blown away by how much time I’m saving in my color correction process because the colors are that good out of the camera,” Jonathon continued. “Beyond color balance, the softness and roll off between highlights and shadows are amazing. With our photography style, we focus heavily on film. If not actually shooting on film, we’re emulating it as much as possible. Blackmagic gives us a filmic look out of the camera, with very little work needed to obtain our desired look in post.”

Weddings move fast, and moments can pop up out of nowhere, so flexibility in post is extremely important for Nouvel Photo and Film. “Blackmagic RAW gives me the ability to make exposure and white balance adjustments in post as if I were doing it onsite. Knowing I have that flexibility while on a shoot gives me peace of mind so that I can focus on the storytelling aspect of each moment rather than some of the more technical aspects,” explained Jonathon.

“When it’s time to edit, my 6K Blackmagic RAW files scrub as smooth as butter on my MacBook Pro, which is another reason I switched to Blackmagic systems,” he added. “The benefits of high dynamic range and resolution without the constraints of lagging playback make my editing process a pain free experience where I can focus on my creative vision.”

During post, Jonathon begins on DaVinci Resolve Studio’s cut page, scrubbing through footage with the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor, noting that the keyboard has taken a long and tedious part of editing and turned it into a quick and painless step in getting to the creative parts. He then transitions to the edit page where he builds out the story.

“Once I feel like my story is in a good spot, I start EQ’ing and mastering my audio using the Fairlight page,” he said. “The recent inclusion of voice isolation has changed my audio process completely. Weddings are shot in uncontrolled environments mostly, and background noises would always give me anxiety when thinking about how I’d have to clean it up in post. Voice isolation, compression and EQ controls in Fairlight have allowed me to shoot in these scenarios with a lot less worry.”

Jonathon concluded, “Before Blackmagic Design, I was spending so much time color correcting and fixing mistakes or syncing various off camera audio sources. However, with Blackmagic Design as the absolute centerpiece of our wedding filmmaking workflow, we’ve not only increased our efficiency by 30 percent, but we’re also delivering cinematic memories to our clients.”

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