Color Artist Vincent Taylor of Blue Table Post

Noted Color Artist Vincent Taylor Joins Creative Collective At Blue Table Post

Studio Aligns With Two Los Angeles Based Studios For In Person Collaborations

Blue Table Post continues to expand its creative collective with the addition of Colorist Vincent Taylor. Taylor is known for his cinematic imprint on an engaging mix of projects, including long-form dramas, features and commercials. Additionally, Blue Table has forged an alliance with two studios in Los Angeles for in-person sessions where Vincent is based, along with collaborations at Blue Table’s Brooklyn studio. Taylor will soon commence his first project via Blue Table Post – the indie drama ‘Park Avenue’ from Director Gaby Dellal.

“I have known Vincent for many years and am an admirer of his deep talent and the cinematic style. Moreover, as anyone who knows him can attest, he is an upbeat, enthusiastic collaborator who loves a creative challenge,” says Blue Table Post Founder/Editor Oliver Lief. “His addition to Blue Table Post, along with the alliance with Light Benders and Fancy, means we can bring that vibrant experience to clients coast to coast.”

“I am delighted to collaborate with Oliver and Blue Table Post, and to be surrounded by people who I genuinely enjoy, are overflowing with experience, and share my appreciation for building stories together,” notes Vincent Taylor. “That’s the beauty of this industry in its highest form.”

Vincent began his career in Australia as an award-winning cinematographer earning twelve awards from the Australian Cinematographer’s Society. Vincent’s journey crossed over from the camera to color where he is able to utilize his lighting skills and storytelling in the postproduction arena. His inaugural tenure was at Deluxe, working in commercial and drama television, as well as numerous music video, documentary, and theatrical projects. He was quickly embraced by directors and DPs alike who felt a connected language and understanding.

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Following Deluxe, Vincent ran the commercial color department at MPC in Shanghai for three years working on Airbnb’s first TVC launch in China and spearheading color for major campaigns including Bentley, BMW, Coca-Cola, Sky TV, Mercedes, L’Oreal, and Johnny Walker. He then moved to New York where he worked for 2 years as Head of Color for Chimney North America before returning to MPC in New York as a senior colorist. Vincent lives in sunny Los Angeles where he most recently worked with The Harbor Picture Company. 

Well versed in remote working, both Vincent and the team at Blue Table Post are united in creating the community that comes with in person connections and collaborations. To support this goal, Vincent is available to work via Blue Table Post’s Brooklyn studio and at two locations in Los Angeles: In Santa Monica at LightBenders and Fancy Film in Silver Lake. Both LA companies are bespoke studios that, like Blue Table Post, have welcoming environments that cater to long and short form content-makers including studios, agencies, and brands. 

In addition to his work on a variety of projects,Taylor channels his passion for color as the host of “The Color Timer Podcast.” Each episode, he interviews professionals in the world of media and beyond who work with color from art directors, to DPs to tattoo artists.

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