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  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    November 12, 2020 at 10:35 am in reply to: Apple M1 Macs are here

    First benchmarks are saying the Macbook Air has the CPU power of the 16″ MBP. In a computer without a fan. Even though the Macbook Air will probably not sustain that performance very long, and the graphical power is bigger in the 16″, that is a very impressive feet of engineering.

  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    November 11, 2020 at 11:17 am in reply to: Apple M1 Macs are here

    I’m very impressed with what Apple showed here. Still doubting between the Macbook Pro or the Air, more leaning towards the Air for my needs. If their claims are true, they are specifying 2-3-4x performance speeds, and almost 2x battery improvements. Those are huge figures to do in one jump.

    Could it be we also saw a new version of FCPX? If you look at the screenshots they used, I didn’t see a button for the library on the left, but I could be wrong. Or is that a general re-skin because of Big Sur? We have the FCPX Summit next week, so it wouldn’t be out of character that Apple already used screenshots of a new FCPX.

    With Resolve 17’s Magic Mask and their Smart Reframing (unlike FCPX’s, with reframing within the shot) and Apple making a big deal about the new 16core Neural Engine in these new Macs, I’m wondering if we will get similar-minded features in the new FCPX.

  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    November 11, 2020 at 11:05 am in reply to: Resolve 17

    The Magic Mask feature seems great. With Apple making a lot of noise about the Machine Learning 16 core Neural Processors in the new M1 Macs, and the FCPX Summit next week, I hope they show something similar for FCPX next week.

  • I have an iPhone 8 Plus that is broken on the front and the back after a couple of falls. I’m still pretty happy with it, but because it’s broken I can’t get a cheap battery replacement so I’ll probably go for a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. (I wanted to go for the small Pro but the camera improvements on the new Max really have me excited).

    I worked in an Apple Premium Reseller last year, and I really was impressed with the quality of the iPhone 11 camera’s. Especially the built-in stabilisation was crazy good IMO. I did a kind of vlogging-style youtube video a couple of weeks ago, to talk about a movie, which I cut togethet with fragments of the movie. I put my iPhone with an 18mm Moment wide Angle lens, and shot on Filmic Pro. It has its limits, but with the better dynamic range that iPhones had since the previous generation, I am interested in it as a filmmaking tool. It isn’t cheap in itself, but if you add accessoires and the cost of those in comparison with how much these accessoires cost for a ‘normal’ camera, the financial difference starts to add up. (the DJI gymbals are so cheap and give such great results often)

    The thing that still bothers me the most is how sharpy/videoy it often still looks. Sometimes there are great examples. Apple’s own Chinese New Year – ish videos last year come to mind. I really liked their vertical filmmaking add from Damien Chazelle. It showed an artistic interpretation of vertical compositions. I’m wondering if with enough Cinebloom or Promist filters, we can get a bit rid of that look.

    When I saw the Lubezki clip in the keynote, I thought it looked good but not wow. But I downloaded the add you linked to in 4K and watched in on my iMac 5K and to be honest, I was pretty wowed with the images there. The biggest disappointment for me and my biggest hope for this year was a ‘portraid’ mode for video with the Lidar sensor, and it wasn’t there. Maybe later through software, but that’s probably more wishful thinking.

    I also made a thread a bit ago (no replies) where I was thinking that with the Lidar sensor we can now make a 3D scan of a room now and export it to a USDZ-file. Yes, the same USDZ file you can import in Motion now, since the last update. And then with the 3D tracker of MotionVFX, you can film someone for a green screen, and afterwards put them in a 3D environment where you maybe didn’t have time to film. Pretty crazy to think about it. EDIT: I just saw Tim Wilson added my previous post in this thread. Thanks! It’s all part of the same discussion.

  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    September 9, 2020 at 2:54 pm in reply to: mTracker 3D

    Yes, I saw it. Looks interesting. They are promising more tutorials with how it works inside FCPX as well, which is something I’m looking forward to even more.

  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    June 10, 2020 at 7:31 pm in reply to: Apple WWDC 2020

    [Tim Wilson] “Of all the virtual events out there, I’m most interested in how Apple is going to handle WWDC. While none of the WWDC shows have been quite as zippy as the old MacWorld shows (which Steve quit doing because mostly because the adulation was getting out of control even for him LOL), Apple has always put on a pretty good show….and pretty much EVERY virtual event so far has been the OPPOSITE of a pretty good show.”


    Their introduction of Craig Federighi of the Magic Keyboard, the small video they released, felt rushed and a bit awkward. But their ads have been great for the iPad Pro. So I’m very curious to see if they will just do an empty stage thing (I hope not) or work a lot more with labs, offices, videos, etc. … to make a beautiful presentation.

  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    June 9, 2020 at 3:18 pm in reply to: Apple WWDC 2020
  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    May 29, 2020 at 6:19 am in reply to: Love this Lumafusion feature…

    I just discovered the free plugin CommandPost adds this to FCPX. According to the developer it has always been built in FCPX, but Apple never ‘enabled it’.

  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    May 15, 2020 at 9:00 pm in reply to: Atomos ProRes RAW Tutorial

    Very interesting video, thank you for sharing.

    I do think Prores RAW is a very interesting format, considering it’s space and speed. I hope Apple makes much more controls available in FCPX, and puts more weight behind it so more camera manufacturers would support it out of the box.

  • Mathieu Ghekiere

    May 12, 2020 at 3:12 pm in reply to: FcpX 10.5?

    If you look at the release notes of Logic 10.5, it seems like a huge update though.

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