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  • Loralyn Staples

    January 16, 2024 at 4:42 am in reply to: Pan/Crop track is drifting

    Thank you for your reply, Hector. I’m pestering Kelly for information. Yes, it completely HALTS my progress on video production when something like this happens.

  • Loralyn Staples

    January 16, 2024 at 4:41 am in reply to: Pan/Crop track is drifting

    Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the reply. I value your time and expertise.

    If I may just ask some clarifying questions:

    So I will crop FIRST. Is it okay if I crop on the timeline, at the end of the clip, where that little “crop” icon is? Is that cropping the raw file?

    I do understand what you mean by “hold”. I found that.

    And then, may I just ask where am I looking for the “0:00” that you are referring to? I’ll attach a couple pics with numbers, and you can tell me which number is where I’m looking for the 0:00. I am guessing it is NUMBER 2.

    This is embarrassing. I have used Vegas for 10 years, but my needs have been so basic, I’ve never really dug too deep into the features….and have always been able to hire people to help me when I needed to.

    See attached.


    Weird update: I started thinking my camera was faulty, and was doing a super slow auto-zoom. Camera is fine, but I did discover that the actual RAW VIDEO is plagued with a super slow zoom in the last 8 minutes. So I think something weird happened on the CAMERA end. (Sony FDR AX33) I thought I should probably mention that.)

  • Loralyn Staples

    January 15, 2024 at 8:52 pm in reply to: Pan/Crop track is drifting

    Thank you, Kelly. (No, I would not be offended if I got a big “DUH”…no worries)

    If I had a keyframe by accident, you’d think that deleting that track and creating a new one….and in fact, creating a whole new project, would get rid of the keyframe….unless I’m creating one just by doing the track motion and then the cropping.

    If you happen to be interested in consulting privately with me for a fee (is that allowed here?) let me know.

    Otherwise, I’m attaching a couple pics of what I think is the relevant screenshot, if I could impose on you a bit more. My crop settings are not “0”.

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