Maxon One December 2022 Release

Maxon Closes the Year With Another Maxon One Update and a New Cineversity

December Enhancements to Maxon One Include New Features in Redshift, Full Support for ACES in Magic Bullet and Stability Improvements Throughout

Maxon, developers of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers and visual effects artists, today announced updates to the company’s Maxon One offering. Magic Bullet now takes full advantage of the new ACES color mode that was introduced earlier this year, offering users better highlight roll off management, better use of dynamic range and improved color accuracy.

New Redshift features include improved volume rendering capabilities as well as new shaders to render weaves, mosaics and tile patterns, offering amazing procedural options for architectural surfaces and abstract motion graphics. Cinema 4D receives stability enhancements for its recently released feature, Pyro and the Redshift Camera. Additionally, Maxon’s educational platform Cineversity has been relaunched to amplify Maxon’s commitment to providing educational resources to enable artists to learn and realize their creative visions with the Maxon One toolset.

Red Giant Magic Bullet 2023.1

Maxon released a brand-new ACES powered color mode in spring to bring Magic Bullet Looks users professional level color management. With this release, all tools are updated to take full advantage of this new engine so that everything is tuned to be pixel perfect, offering better highlight rolloff management, better use of dynamic range, and better color accuracy.

Redshift 3.5.11

Redshift now features more realistic volume rendering, additional shaders and a new denoiser.

  • Render volumes that look more realistic than ever with multiscattering. From clouds and smoke to new Cinema 4D Pyro simulations, multiscatter offers a more realistic representation of light bouncing within the volume, especially when combined with anisotropy.
  • Cinema 4D’s popular Tile and Brick shaders are now available within C4D as native Redshift shaders. Easily define weaves, mosaics and tile patterns using many different shapes. Lay bricks faster than any stone mason, with full control over brick size, offset and displacement. These powerful shaders offer amazing procedural options for architectural surfaces and abstract motion graphics!
  • Eliminate fireflies and smooth out samples on any system with Intel’s Open Image Denoiser. Intel’s Denoiser uses powerful AI to clean up renders, speeding up render times. This new Denoiser is currently available in Redshift for Cinema 4D and will come to other supported DCCs soon.

Cinema 4D 2023.1.2

This hotfix release improves the stability of Pyro and Redshift Camera. 

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Maxon launched a new and completely redesigned Cineversity as a one-stop shop for tutorials and resources for all Maxon products. This new version of Cineversity not only features official Maxon tutorials, but also selected external resources and training courses to get users up to speed and start creating. The revamped Cineversity offers comprehensive getting started series on all Maxon desktop applications and thanks to a more intuitive tandem search function, users will be able to quickly find help on just the topic they are looking for in the application they are working in. For the first time since its inception, Cineversity will serve as the central hub to find all educational content such as the famous Demystifying Postproduction, Max on Color and VFX and Chill series. 

Cineware for Unreal

Cineware for Unreal now includes support for Unreal Engine 5.1. Now, in addition to static geometry, MoGraph Cloners, cameras and lights, artists can directly import deforming meshes like character animations as a Geometry Cache.

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