screenshot of a music video from Hitsujibungaku featuring a montage of a woman's face

Hitsujibungaku’s Music Video GO!!! Shot by Kyotaro Hayashi with Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K

Blackmagic Design today announced that the music video for the popular rock band Hitsujibungaku’s latest song “GO!!!” was shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K digital film camera. The director, cinematographer and editor for the project was Kyotaro Hayashi of DRAWING AND MANUAL, a Tokyo based creative company.

Hitsujibungaku is a female trio alternative rock band known for hits like “more than words.” Hayashi, as a filmmaker, has worked on numerous music videos in addition to advertising campaigns for global brands, installations and projection mappings. He often personally handles the cinematography for the films he directs and has used cameras from Blackmagic Design, including Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K, Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera digital film cameras, for many of his projects.

Regarding “GO!!!,” Hayashi explained: “While the song has a strong pop vibe, I felt the lyrics conveyed timeless and significant messages. I wanted to create a graphical feel, incorporating rotating sticker like elements into a collage. Additionally, as the music has a slightly old school vibe, I included elements like iPods to evoke a sense of vintage culture. With lyrics like ‘Let’s go together,’ I envisioned creating cute visuals by assembling numerous replicated figures against a white background, disregarding perspective.”

“When I use Blackmagic Design cameras, it’s usually when I want to speed up the grading process. Although I didn’t have complicated grading for this project, I aimed for a rich and ‘thick’ color tone. Blackmagic’s cameras deliver rich colors easily, which is why I chose them for this project,” Hayashi added.

Except for the final scene, all footage was shot against a green screen. Hayashi shot the project using a Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K with its mount converted to EF and Contax ZEISS lenses, capturing the footage in full 6K.

“I chose the lenses for their vintage aesthetic combined with their ability to capture sharp images. While the full size sensor image allows for exquisite full frame bokeh effects, I didn’t explore that aspect extensively for this project. Instead, I aimed for a sticker like quality, deepening the depth of field to capture crisp images. However, the camera’s excellent resolution ensured a natural integration when adding grain to the footage, preventing digital noise, which I found to be particularly impressive,” explained Hayashi.

In conclusion, Hayashi shared his thoughts on Blackmagic Design cameras: “Blackmagic Design cameras offer immediate access to great features. The cameras have exceptional color reproduction, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K supporting the full sensor is remarkable. Considering the balance of these specifications, the affordability of Blackmagic cameras is also excellent.”

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