rock trio Hitsujibungaku make a music video in a white cove using iPhones

Hitsujibungaku Music Video for New Song Addiction Shot Using Blackmagic Camera

Blackmagic Design today announced that the music video for “Addiction” by alternative rock trio Hitsujibungaku was entirely shot using the Blackmagic Camera app on iPhones.

Hitsujibungaku, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Moeka Shiotsuka, bassist Yurika Kasai and drummer Hiroa Fukuda, is known for their delicate yet powerful sound. They have gained popularity in recent years, with their music featured as the opening and ending themes for popular anime titles.

Their latest song “Addiction” stems from Moeka Shiotzuka’s personal experience of smartphone dependency. The music video features scenes of the band members performing the song surrounded by LED displays, shot using ten iPhone 15 Pros with Blackmagic Camera installed on each.

Producer Takashi Sugai explained: “From the initial planning stages, the members of Hitsujibungaku expressed a desire to focus on smartphone dependency as a theme. We conceived the idea of shooting in a space surrounded by LED displays to convey the feeling of being controlled by smartphones. To further express the theme of smartphone dependency, we decided to shoot the entire video using iPhones.”

Kaishu Kamotani, the project’s cinematographer, shared: “Before shooting this project, I had previously used five iPhones and Blackmagic Camera app to shoot an entire music video for another artist.”

He continued: “I applied the techniques learned from that experience to ‘Addiction.’ iPhones are affordable to rent, allowing us to increase the number of cameras. Also, other staff members who were not camera operators could easily handle the shooting. Additionally, using the official app provided by a camera manufacturer such as Blackmagic Design gave us peace of mind. Having shot with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, the user interface is common between Blackmagic’s cameras and the app, so I could understand how to operate the app quickly. I plan to produce two or three more projects using Blackmagic Camera by the end of the year.”

Director Moto Nagasawa said: “Since the request was for a music video featuring only performance scenes, I proposed several ideas in line with that, and the concept of performing surrounded by LED displays was chosen. As for shooting, because we used iPhones and the Blackmagic Camera app, we aimed for unconventional angles not typically captured. We even involved staff members who were not primarily involved in cinematography in the shooting process. The shoot took about eight hours, and in editing, we aimed for a nostalgic alternative rock vibe, emphasizing shots of the instruments and expressive singing.”

Sugai reflected on using iPhones and Blackmagic Camera for this project: “From a producer’s perspective, the budget and on set dynamics vary with each project, and there are both young and veteran directors to consider. There are also many options for shooting from the combination of iPhone and Blackmagic Camera app to professional digital cameras or even traditional film shooting. I realized I need to explore these possibilities further. Through my experience producing this project with iPhones and Blackmagic Camera app, I hope to create works that blend youthful sensibilities with a nostalgic feel.”

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