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  • Eric Müller

    November 25, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    Hello People!

    I just wanted to watch a video on your website for the first time and immediately run into two major problems:

    1) Unfortunately not anybody has unlimited bandwidth and traffic. I myself are limited to 10GB each month on 3,6Mbit/s max (if I am lucky, most times it is more like 0.5 – 1.0Mbit/s and those 10GB are only, because it is an old contract. New ones have only 5GB included traffic) over UMTS. (And this is a problem not only to me, but to many, many others to. Unfortunately even today not everyone has DSL available. So beeing able to watch a video only in a very high resolution is a bad thing.
    2) It is not possible to “jump” to some certain point of the video unless it is cached from the very beginning to that certain point.

    Why are these points a Problem? Well, I guess it is obvious. If not, here a little explanation: Having only 10GB for each month forces me to ration them. Wasting 200-300MB only on one video is not an option if one wants to watch more videos a month and furthermore be able to use internet the whole month. So usually I watch videos only in lowest possible quality.

    Now I am aware that it may not be possible to have an engine, that automatically renders and stores each and every uploaded video into (lets say) 3 different qualities (e.g. low, middle, high) and that this would of course need more webspace.
    But it would be awesome. Just take a look at (I don’t like to make this comparison but it acutally ecapsulates it – I am not sure if my wording is right).
    Ok, so since not having different qualities available, it would be a compromise to “jump” within the video so “uninteresting” parts would not have to be downloaded (cached). Thus one could save a lot of traffic. And again I have to point over to youtube where this is possible.

    So what I would like to ask for having either different qualities available for each video or a player that at least allows to jump to a subsequent point within the video without having the player cache the whole video (everything from the beginning of it) to that point in the first place. Or better: Have both choises available.
    I think at least last would be possible by just using another embedded player.

    Is there a chance that my suggestions will be implemented or don’t you care?

    Greetings and thanks in advance for any answer,

  • Abraham Chaffin

    November 25, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    Hello Eric,

    We appreciate your feedback and letting us know about your situation.

    We have considered having multiple resolutions for our video tutorials and will consider it even more now that you’ve brought up this issue of only a limited bandwidth per month. For the time being you might consider our podcasts which are lower resolution video tutorials.

    The video player we use is the jwplayer which the most widely used video player on the internet. Being able to jump to the middle is a streaming technology thing which isn’t a player issue but a delivery method issue. We will probably be implementing streaming technology to our videos sometime in the next year.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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