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  • Timeline help!!

  • Kyle Le

    January 8, 2021 at 9:23 pm

    To edit the audio out of clips that meant for b roll, is there a faster way than having to detatch them and then deleting the audio or disabling it? Is there a single shortcut key or setting I can set where the audio automatically shuts off?

    When it comes to splitting and deleting clips in the timeline, is there a way for the red maker/cursor to stay where I deleted the last clip? Right now, each time I delete something, the whole thing will move to the left and if I just want to trim and edit really fast using blade/split it causes me to have to constantly move the timeline horizontally over to the right. I installed commandpost and turned on the automatic timeline scroll and it’s definitely helpful. I am used to sony vegas timeline and features, but unfortunately, I can’t go back.

    Is there a way to crossfade or fade in audio without having to detach them first?

    What is the point of expanding audio/video instead of just detaching them?

    Is there a way to group videos and audio together without having to create a compound clip?
    For example, I want two videos to attach to an instrumental track.

    Is there a way to zoom in and out of the timeline using the top scroll button of my mouse?
    That feature on commandpost doesn’t work too well. It is a constantly struggle to zoom in and out and move the timeline horizontally all the time. On Sony Vegas, it was much easier to go through each clip, split certain parts, delete and continue.

    thank you!!

  • Mark Smith

    January 9, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    The easier way is to not use the audio in your b all clips .

    1) use shift +2 key which will insert, connect, overwrite your B roll as picture only . skips the step of adding B roll than deleting the unwanted audio.

    2) If you already have B roll clips with audio in the project, you can select all those clips in the timeline with the timeline index. Go to the inspector audio tab and uncheck the audio tracks. Done

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