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  • The 24@25 jitter thing…again.

    Posted by Neil Sadwelkar on August 12, 2006 at 5:33 am

    My original post last month is as below. Subsequently I’ve tried on a variety of machines. G5 Dual, G5 Quad, G4 etc. Went back to 10.4.5 and BM 5.5 and QT 7, still the same problem.

    24@25 sequences jitter uncontrollably only in Edit to Tape. Playback settings are 24@25 repeat.
    This problem can only affect those cutting feature films at 24 fps in a PAL environment, when one needs to lay-off to tape with machine control. Else you’ll never see it.

    Our curent workaround is to convert the finished movie to P-JPEG and then use that to layoff to tape. P-JPEG, BM 8-bit, BM 10-bit nothing else jitters.

    Just to re-iterate. Only DV-PAL 24 fps clips placed in a 24@25 timeline played out through BM HD Pro, BM SD, cards jitter horribly in Edit to tape mode. Normal timeline playback is unaffcted.


    On a G5 Dual 2.5, OSX 10.4.6, BM 5.6, QT 7.0.4 FCP 5.0.4.

    Playing out a 24@25 timeline so its basically 24 fps playing out to 25 fps. Standard PAL Film situation. Playback settings are set to 24@25 repeat and we see that familiar once per second judder. Everyone’s used to it. No problems.

    But when we try an Edit to tape, it becomes a huge judder just like if Playback settings were set to 24@25 pulldown or anything else except 24@25 repeat.

    Only happens in ETT. moment you go nback to play timeline its fine. So we make tape layoffs by just playing the timeline. If the client needs it to start at a certain TC, we furst playout to a DigiBeta, then do a DigiBeta to DighBeta at the specified TC.

    Anyone seen this?


    FCP Editor, Mumbai, India.
    Completely PAL.

    Neil Sadwelkar replied 17 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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