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  • Strange lines at the bottom of screen when using CC filter

  • Jennifer Jones

    January 30, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    Hi everyone –

    I just went through the IO threads to see if anyone else has has had this problem, but I wasn’t able to find anything, so here goes.

    We have an HD sequence that’s being monitored through the IOHD. We have an occasional clip that has a Color Corrector effect on it that doesn’t display properly when playing real time. The rest of the clips (with no effects) display perfectly.

    Specifically, when we play down the sequence, the IOHD displays the clips with the CC effect on them with “lines” on the bottom, and the image squished on the top. (See the picture below):

    When we are parked on the clip, it looks fine (no lines). However when we’re playing down the timeline, we see the lines. Also, when we bypass the IOHD and just monitor it on the computer, it displays fine (no lines).

    This leaves us believing it’s a setting in the IOHD Control Panel that we need to change, however we’ve been unsuccessful in finding out what that setting might be(?)

    Here are the specs of our sequence, setup, etc:

    Mac 10.6.4 2X2.8 GH Quad Core Intel 8G memory
    FCP 6.0.5
    Sequence: 1920X1080 23.98 Apple ProRes 422
    IO: IOHD
    Effect: Color Corrector

    1. Inputs: SDI 1 Component SMPTE / EBU N10,
    2. Format: 1080p 23.98 – we set it to this, but it pops back to: 1080i 29.97) (Conversion Letterbox, Up Anamorphic, SD to SD Off)
    3. Analog Out: Prinary and Secondary 1080i27.97, Analog Format: Component SMPTE / EBU N10
    4. HDMI: Video Lock; no Video, Imput Video Range: SMPTE Range
    HDMI Out: Primary, 1080i29.97, Color Space RGB 8Bit, Output Video Range: SMPTE Range
    5. Control IOHD Current, IOHD Display: Primary and Secondary, Genlock Freerun
    6. SetupL Frame Rates (all checked) Geometries (none checked)

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might have with regards to this issue – It’s much appreciated!
    – Jennifer

  • Rob McGreevy

    February 3, 2011 at 8:00 pm


    I set up a sequence/project using your settings on my rig and couldn’t recreate the problem. Everything was displaying correctly here. One thing you might want to check is your Audio/Video settings in FCP as they will override the IO HD’s control panel settings when using FCP. (This might be the cause of the setting switching on you.)

    Still it’s odd that it’s only happening when you use a color corrector filter on a clip otherwise I might ask if your monitor was capable of displaying that resolution/frame rate.
    If you continue to have a problem I’d give tech support at AJA a call, they are the best bar none and I bet they can help you run down the problem.

    All the best,


  • Jennifer Jones

    February 5, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Thanks for your reply, Rob.

    Still no solution to the issue, but I just pulled the effects off of all the clips (they were just there for ‘placeholders’ to give the client an idea of how the image would look when treated). We’re going to hire a Correctionist to do a final (proper) color pass, so it’s not a big deal.

    If for some reason we need to go back to these, we’ll call AJA.

    Thanks again!

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