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  • Stop Best preview seizing up after 5 mins smooth playback

    Posted by Neil Pollick on May 16, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    I am testing out some different workflows.
    I have managed to get much smoother “Best quality” playback by remuxing Canon mov files into an mp4 wrapper, retaining the full resolution. I have stopped short of converting all the clips to Sony MXF as an intermediate codec.

    The machine handles previews of clips as I cut and move them very well.
    But if I want to review the whole project then it only previews smoothly for about 5 minutes then it more or less freezes. I would say that the buffer had filled up, which I suppose must be the Dynamic Ram? I have set it to 6 GB of my 8gb RAM, and I close everything else when I am editing.
    When the preview seizes up I have to close down and reopen the program to view the next section.
    It seems to me it may be possible to keep Vegas open but to empty the “buffer” (not sure where or what that is exactly) so that previewing can start afresh and I can continue viewing the project. Perhaps I need some other program to free up the buffer from outside Vegas? Or maybe there is a Vegas script?

    I should say that I am not looking at how to improve preview performance in general (not going to use proxies, not going to pre-render, not going to lower the preview quality, not going to use Dynamic Ram preview etc). I just want to see if I can take the method I am using a bit further, because it is working very well on the whole.

    I read elsewhere on the forum that the buffer “clears itself” but that did not make sense to me – why would you would you set the largest Dynamic Ram Preview allotment you can spare if it “cleared itself”, it must get full at some point and if the preview is seizing up then clearly it isn’t clearing itself.
    Your help is appreciated.

    Neil Pollick replied 8 years, 2 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Graham Bernard

    May 16, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    [Neil Pollick] “Dynamic Ram Preview”

    That is only meant for BUILDING a RAM Preview of a “Selection” of a relativity small piece of Timeline. Not for a prolonged piece. I use it to QA my various “Creative” experiments, maybe 10 to 20 seconds not a whole Timeline!

    Once you are BUILDING into RAM you get into the law of dimensioning returns – that which IS needed by your PC to function is being hobbled by the amount being gobbled-up by the BUILDING.

    * Grazie

    Video Content Creator and Potter
    PC 7 64-bit 16gb * Intel® Core™i7-2600k Quad Core 3.40GHz * 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560 Ti
    Cameras: Canon XF300 + PowerShot SX50HS Bridge

  • Neil Pollick

    May 16, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    After the system boots and has finished loading, with just the system and firewall and AV loaded
    20% memory, CPU 0-1%, disk max 4%

    With Vegas loaded and stable, without any project loaded
    memory 23% (1.8gb), CPU 0-5%,disk 1-99% (swap file is on this drive)

    Vegas with project fully loaded
    memory 32-35%, cpu 1%, disk 0-3%

    Previewing project (playing timeline in “Best-auto” quality)
    CPU 1%-37% but mainly around 32%, Memory climbs slowly to about 80% (6.5gb) then playback fails, approx 5 mins.

    Windows is not frozen and I can continue to edit in Vegas
    System memory stays at mid 80% as long as Vegas is still open

    After closing Vegas
    Memory usage drops to 22%, CPU drops to 1/3%

    System is i7, 8gb ram, 1TB hdd with 3 partitions. System has 2 video cards, Intel 4000 and Nvidia GTX 660M
    Swap file is on a partition of the 1TB hdd, windows managed paging file is 8GB and is only set for this one partition . This partition has 200gb free space.
    Vegas is on same HDD but different partition, i.e. the windows partition, which has 15GB free. Source videos being edited are on same partition as the 8gb swap file.
    In preferences …..
    1 – Vegas states “Dynmic Ram Preview Max Available:7034” and I have set the “Dynamic Ram Preview” at 5gb.
    2 – “gpu accelertion of video processing” recognizes the Nvidia card.
    3 – “Preview device” is set for “Windows Graphics Card” and “Optimize GPU display performance” is ticked

    It seems clear that more system ram will allow for longer smooth playback.
    I assume that the amount of memory assigned to “Dynamic Ram Preview” is not relevant for straightforward playback.

    But is there a way to release the system ram that Vegas has co-opted, so that it returns to the level it was when the project first loaded, so that smooth playback can start again?

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