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  • Navarro Parker

    June 18, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    I’m using the Autoscroll – Vertical.ffx preset to scroll a block of text.

    It uses Motion Tile wired to a Speed slider (which is set at -50). The results are nice and smooth as expected. But I need to step in the same increment at the font height. Like hold frame or exponential interpolation as it advances line-by-line upward. Any thoughts how to do this?

    Tile Center:
    offset = effect("Autoscroll - vertical slider")("Speed (pixels/second)") * (time-inPoint) * (100/scale[0]);
    [thisLayer.width/2, thisLayer.height/2 + offset]

    Output Height:
    (thisComp.height / (thisLayer.height * (scale[0]/100))) * 100

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