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Forums DaVinci Resolve Quadro or GTX is best for Resolve (if not doing 3D work) ???

  • Quadro or GTX is best for Resolve (if not doing 3D work) ???

  • Michael McCune

    December 4, 2021 at 2:25 am

    We have all seen general discussions of the benefits of Quadro but those benefits seem to be only for *specific* rendering demands, such as high-end CAD and 3D modeling. This is a prickly discussion because that very expensive purchase decision seems to depend upon whether one needs that specific render capability.

    The articles seem to say that if you don’t use that specific high-end CAD or 3D render functionality then your expensive Quadro will only perform like a (gold-plated) GTX and with no other meaningful benefit.

    Soooo, if we are not doing high-end CAD or 3D in Resolve but only 2D editing and color grading, then the specific render benefits of Quadro would not be of much help.

    Right? (Or do the pros say that, despite doing only 2D stuff, they would still spend the money on a Quadro, perhaps for other not obvious or intangible benefits?)

    FWIW, dual 6-core XEON w/ 48 GB and tens of TBs storage plus SSDs.

    This question arises because running Resolve with “simple” grading–perhaps only a dozen or more nodes but with temporal and spatial noise reduction, face enhancement, grain, etc.– my current GTX runs with its GPU maxed and the CPU and disks little more than idling. Lucky to get a few frames per second.

    Thoughts anyone???

    Thanks all.


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