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  • Properly importing/editing multi-channel audio files

  • Sean Ryan

    March 26, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    Hey everyone, first time posting. Hoping to get some help and info about multi-channel files in premiere. I understand the basics of setting up and working with them when creating a project. But I am having some confusion with a finished broadcast file that I am importing and want to make sure I am properly working with it.

    The file is MXF OP1a – 48hz – 24bit – 4 channel audio

    The 4 channels of audio seem to be redundant. No matter how I import or modify the file in premiere, they always show in the timeline as 4 of the same fullly mixed audio tracks. (Fully mixed as in dio, music, fx, all on same track, repeated 4x)

    I am still learning broadcast specs and am wondering why you would have 4 channels of the same mix? Are these supposed to be panned left, right, and center? And if so what am I doing with the 4th track?

    Trying to make sure I keep my edit and sequence consistent with how the file was delivered. Thanks for the help and info.

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