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  • Premiere CS5 would be 10 times better if…

  • Angelo Lorenzo

    February 22, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    Well the subject is the prompt for those who run CS5. A joint production of mine is pitching a tv show at the moment to a few agencies and since I’m the guy who is the technical/post end, I want to ask this question as a way of fleshing out everyday work limitations. We’re going to increase the number of premiere workstations we have from 2, to probably 6 with central network storage.

    For our uses (broadcast quality equipment with timecode, multi-camera reality), their recent upgrade to support BWF and its timecode is AMAZING as that was a hurdle for its heavy consideration.

    I would love
    1) Better VST audio plugin support in Premiere
    2) The ability to export/dynamic link all audio tracks to a multi-track sequence in Audition or Soundbooth (probably requiring an upgrade for those as well)
    3) Final Cut/Avid style subclips, so I can create subclips with the dual system’s audio recordings after timecode sync.
    4) Color Management. While I can conform in After Effects, it makes it harder if a locked edit has to be unlocked, and I would love to do it straight in Premiere.

    Where do you feel it is still a bit weak?

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