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  • Poor man’s uplink… DVC>FCP>FTP> PDQ?

  • Mark Suszko

    April 17, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    I’m working on an idea for an upcoming job, where we have a shooter a few hundred miles away that needs to feed us a 15-minute package every day, for a week. I want to see if we can eliminate the cost of an uplink truck just to send his raw stuff back to base, by using File transfer Protocol (FTP) across the internet to send us high quality SD footage.

    What we have at the base is FCP workstations for editing. In the field, we have DVCPro25 tape. My initial idea is to rent a macbook, bring along a deck with firewire, load the DV25 footage into the macbook in iMovieHD. Crunch that footage into one 15-minute MOV file, and then connect that laptop to the internet and upload, maybe using YouSendIt or something like that. If anybody here is already doing something like this for news work, can you give me some insights? I know it will take some finite time to load the footage and render it, it’s still going to be faster than driving a tape 60 miles to an uplink location every day, and hopefully cheaper too.

    Question; would iMovie HD recognize dvspro25 thru a firewire connection as consumer dv, or reject it?

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