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  • Overlays Appearing on my Footage Mysteriously

     Joe Marler updated 2 months ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • James Haefner

    January 3, 2021 at 12:41 am

    Hello All, thank you for being here. Its been some years since I’ve posted. I am currently experiencing the strangest thing I have ever seen in all my years. Please advise.

    FCX 10.5.1
    Ingested clips > originally recorded on my Black Magic Video Assist Monitor. Probably proxy or LT.

    Updating my Camera Reel. Past week. Clips in place. Happy w the cut. Started posting online Vimeo. My production hub profile. As I check those post playbacks.

    I notice a couple clips now have “Title Safe and Cross hairs embedded into the video” go back to the Final Cut timeline. Same thing. Honest to God. These lines were NOT there before and are now on the timeline Clips and the QT files!!! I had to get my wife to confirm if I am seeing things. She’s watched versions of the video w me and confirmed they were NOT there before.

    The only thing these clips have in common is they were shot on the same camera but were still backup recordings from my BlackMagic Monitor.

    How? How? Can overlays on these Clips and Footage NOT be there One day then all of sudden start appearing the next? Baffling. Is it a glitch in Final Cut? A super intelligent watermark embedded into the footage? I am just trying to brainstorm what could this possibly be???

    Any and all feedback greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Joe Marler

    January 3, 2021 at 12:04 pm

    You mentioned both title safe lines and cross hairs. One step is to analyze where those came from. FCP title/action guides are thin and yellow. You enable them with View>Show in Viewer>Title/Action Safe Zones. If the ones you see in the video are not that color, style or thickness, they did not come from FCP.

    Also FCP does not have a center cross hair overlay. Unless you added a 3rd-party effect, that did not come from FCP.

    Many external recorders have configurable title/action safe zones and center cross hairs. Look at the files and see if the color & style of the title/action guides and cross hairs matches the style, color and thickness of Video Assist recorder’s on-screen guides. If so, that is where they came from.

    Cameras also have those shooting guides, and if enabled for output it could be sent to the Video Assist and recorded. Compare the style, color and thickness of those guides in the camera vs the Video Assist recorder guides vs the files. That may reveal where they originated.

    Are those in the original media files out of the Video Assist? If yes, FCP could not put those there, as it never opens the files for writing, only reading. If they are not in the original files but are in the exported files from FCP, and if the style/thickness/color indicates they came from the camera or recorder, how could they suddenly appear?

    Maybe the Video Assist has a mode whereby it somehow writes those guides to the output file using alpha-channel transparency. If you edit using proxies, that doesn’t support alpha channel and they won’t appear. If you then switch to orig. media mode for final output, alpha channel items (inc’l title/action guides) would seem to suddenly appear, depending on blend mode. But that should require multiple layers in FCP, not just a single layer. Just a wild guess.

    Try switching between orig. and proxy modes, also verify it happens on a single-layer clip within FCP and without any effects, titles or generators on the clip. Delete all cache files via File>Delete Generated Library Files>Delete Render Files>All. That’s in case some anomalous cache file is causing it. Also reboot the entire machine.

    If a mirrorless camera, did you also record internally as a backup? If so you could check those files for comparison. If you did both internal & external recording, is it possible the files got mixed up and one group has the guides burned in and the other group does not?

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