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  • Jeffrey Hall

    January 27, 2021 at 5:19 pm

    Came from the old DV tape and Storm/Edius platforms. Still have a working Win XT/7 platform with storm capture! (As well as an Amiga 4000T with toaster/flyer…. but that’s another story) Got lost in the shuffle of HD and beyond tech due to personal life issues but am now in the process of taking all those old home movies and preserving them for the future.

    I was doing this through Premiere Pro but somewhere along the line Apple and then Adobe dropped their support for Canopus AVI files and the videos became unusable on Mac Premiere. Unbelievable I could play and edit HDcam videos with relative ease but not AVI videos.

    So long story longer I found this tutorial that seems to solve several issues I was having.

    Since the videos were already digitized I was more interested in using FFmpeg to convert the AVI video to a more computer (and tv) friendly format, keeping quality and editability. Using the formula from the posters text I was able to convert the AVI videos to mp4. But the resulting files are still o my playable through an external player such as VLC.

    However, I AM able to now import and edit the videos in Premiere Pro and save out a playable (by OS) file by using ‘match attributes’ in the render window of Premiere. The resulting videos actually look pretty good considering the source was 8mm/Hi8 tape over 10 years ago.

    So I guess my question might be this…. (and this….!)

    Anyone have another workflow you use fro old footage to make it more suitable for modern computer playback?

    Any guidance or links to further study on ffmpeg? The command line coding I’m using converts the footage to mp4 and makes it 60p to remove scan lines but the files are not direct playable by Mac OS. I’m thinking the problem lies in the coding. (Like 4.0 as opposed to 4.2 mainline) and not the 4:2:2 conversion going on. But I might be way off base here!

    Any other thoughts from the forum??

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