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  • Bruno Bergher

    April 8, 2005 at 2:10 am

    Hey guys!
    I’m starting my graduation project, which I chose to be about the opening titles and end credits in movies.
    I know this is a AE specific forum, but since it’s the only one I frequently access, and by this I know people here are always very helpful and understanding, I thought to get some help here, even if it is to redirect me to another forum.
    I need to get some information on the technicalities of the Telecine/Transfer process. One of the most determining factors in making or not a high end opening title is budget, which is directly connected to if the film goes digital or not. Since I’m not having much success in finding this kind of information straight from Google or any other seach engine, and as far as I know there is not much literature on this matter, you’d sure be a great source of information… ; )
    So, in topics:
    – How does the telecine process work? I don’t need to know all the tech data, but only what are the stages of the process and stuff…
    – How does the transfer process work? (the same)
    – Where can I get detailed information on this matter?
    – How can I get a better idea of the costs involved in these processes? I’m only looking for relative costs between each other, since I’m in Brazil, and costs here are probably much higher than in the US.
    – Do you think there’s more useful information on this subject?
    I hope it’s not an inconvenience to ask all of this stuff here, but I’ve seen many ‘kinda off-topic’ posts answered here, even by myself… : )
    And, anyway, it’s just the starting point for my research. I’m not planning on bothering you the whole year long…
    Thanks very much in advance!
    Bruno Bergher
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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