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  • News: Creative Cow’s new podcast gets top rankings in many countries of the world

    Posted by Cow News droid on September 29, 2005 at 7:03 pm

    The CreativeCOW podcast breaks USA Top 100 in its first week and makes it into the 70s for the week; hits #20 in Norway; hits #52 in Canada; makes it to #54 in the Netherlands; hits #88 in Sweden; rolls up to #47 in both the United Kingdown and Finland; jumps to #23 in Denmark; hits #57 in Belgium; #71 in Luxembourg

    (Cambria, CA — September 29, 2005), the net’s leading media professionals community now celebrating it’s founders’ ten year anniversary of building media professionals communities online, announces the results of the first week of its new podcast. With top rankings in the iTunes Top 100, the show has taken off far beyond the expectations of its creators. In some countries of the world, the show actually cracked the Top 20 shows, such as in Norway where the show turned in a respectable #20 position in its first episode.

    “To be quite honest about it,” says CreativeCOW’s marketing director, Ron Lindeboom, “we didn’t think for a moment that the show would even make the Top 100, let alone remain there for the week in many countries of the world such as the USA, the UK and Canada. Even in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and elsewhere, the show kept popping in and out of the rankings over the week. We were amazed and the show host, Franklin McMahon, was even caught by surprise, I believe. During the preliminary developmental stages of the podcast, he mentioned the Top 100 but we never really talked about it as I don’t think any of us wanted the let-down if the show didn’t make it. When it did make it, we were elated but now the work really begins to develop the show into one that maintains its status as a great show worthy of people’s interest and time spent.”

    “We have some great episodes in development,” says show host, Franklin McMahon. “In the next episode, we have an incredibly in-depth look at HDV — what it is and what it isn’t. We interviewed CreativeCOW’s EMMY

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