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  • Need ideas for a VR experience

  • Mark Suszko

    June 6, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    What I have is some old archival POV footage of a trotting horse race, from the late 30’s, taken from the rolling gate truck, and nearly the same shot taken the same way on a GoPro from just a couple years ago. For a sort of trade booth attraction “experience” I want to synch these two clips, play them into a cheap VR headset (they are not 3d clips) and give the viewer some kind of button to alternate between the synched clips as they play back. As with everything I get to work on, there is like, zero budget to pull this off. I’m looking for ideas and suggestions on how to economically do this, using something like the “cardboard” VR viewing goggles and a smartphone, or anything like that.

    Bonus: mirror the VR headset to a free standing flatscreen monitor so the other people in line can see what the headset wearer is seeing.

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