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  • Need a RAID that is fast and reliable

  • Kit Tyler

    March 9, 2022 at 6:57 pm

    My Rorke Data Galaxy HDX3 has been a terrific workhorse for my edit suite over the last decade or so but it’s dying. Every time I fire it up I hold my breath. I need to replace it and wondered what you folks could recommend.

    I’d like about 12 TB, raid 5, compatible with older Mac (Mac Pro 2012 2X2.93GHz 8-core Xeon) in the near term – but the computer is destined to be replaced soon as well. Also, The Rorke Data was fiber – I’d like to change/simplify that. Would USB C work well enough? I produce long form programs with multiple video and audio layers, compound clips and filters. More, I prefer to do much of my color correction too. Short story, I need a raid that is fast and reliable – oh… and I’d rather not take a second mortgage on my house to buy it. Thoughts? I appreciate any and all advice!

    Thanks much!

    Kit Tyler

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