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  • Most Efficient Way to Adjust Timing of Child Animations

  • Kenny Howard

    July 1, 2022 at 11:54 pm

    Hi. I’m new to AE (couple weeks), so really trying to learn best practices and ways to work efficiently. I’m trying to learn how to adjust the timing of when a child animated transform occurs relative to a parent, so I can use the general animation of the parent (e.g, keyframes, easing, etc.) but have it occur at a specific alternate time for the child.


    Goal: I have a line that extends out from a point using a trim paths animation. When that line crosses certain areas of the composition there will be a little animated icon that pops up on the line (it’s a precomp) and a shape layer area that will fade in under it (using opacity). Each line may have 1-5 of these intersecting animations.


    This could just be done with specific keyframe animations at the right times. BUT, there will end up being a total of 20 different lines and 45-50 icons & shape layers. So NOT efficient.


    – What would be the smartest way to setup both the icon and shape layer animations so they occur when the line crosses a specific point in the composition, BUT allows for speed of the line to be altered if the client wants it faster or slower (without having to manually adjust all of the points again)?


    In one option the lines will all animate at the same time, but are different lengths. So their relative speed will be different due to length. I can tie all of the animations that occur when the line reaches the end OK using a single ‘master’. But what about the animations that need to occur BEFORE the line ends as it crosses certain intersections?!?


    Thanks for any tips here! I’ve been watching tons of tutorial videos & reading a lot, but having a hard time figuring this specific one out. Maybe I’m not using the right search terms…



  • Graham Quince

    July 10, 2022 at 1:44 pm

    I think I’d cheat. I’ve have a second set of lines, as thick as the icons. And have that serve as a Matte layer for the icons. Arrange all your icons at the intersection points, then as the lines grow, they will appear.

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