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  • Monitoring Premiere CS6 Audio with Kona 3?

  • Taylor Collins

    May 20, 2018 at 2:21 am

    I’ve used up my few remaining brain cells…. I’m trying to reactivate a MacPro (Yosemite) / Premiere Pro CS6 / Kona 3 system. The video is working great, but I can’t monitor analog video (using the two RCA connections at the extreme lower right of the rack mount Kona 3). I’ve searched this forum, and several others… and have tried all of the “patent recipes” to get the Premiere audio prefs, and the Mac OS Sound Prefs to cooperate with each other.

    Is there anyone reading this that is old enough to remember a Kona 3 (NOT Kona 3G)… who would be willing to help me with this. I am so close, and yet so far….\



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