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  • Merge clip loses image settings

  • Bret Hampton

    January 29, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    Someone suggested using Master Clips and applying flip. Then everything I make from it, multicam, subclips, etc all have same attributes. Makes sense.

    Hi guys
    URGENT problem. I’ve got 40 video clips with dual system audio. Only way I see so far to sync and keep 4-5 channels is first create Multicam sequence (which does the sync for me) then select only the dual system audio, not the camera scratch audio then Merge clip.

    This works fine mostly, BUT many clips were shot upside down in a car. I assume due to issues mounting camera. So when I first do Multicam I flip the image. But the Merged clip is upside down again. Multicam is still ok though. Can this setting be retained?

    BTW this workflow was recommended by several sites such as

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